Two Fan-Favourite Heroes Debut In ‘Titans’ Season Finale

In the initial episode of its debut season, DC Universe’s live-action Titans resisted the post-credits scenes, which have become such an integral part of modern superhero films. But with this week’s finale, the series finally has finally given in, in a big way, setting up another hero in the second season. Or make that two heroes now.

The episode is in a dreamscape created by Rachel’s demonic father Trigon to lead Dick Grayson, through his own choices, from an almost-idyllic life to a place of darkness. Although “Dick Grayson” seemingly confirmed the existence of Superman in Titans’ universe, with him and Bruce Wayne falling out, we’re told — and shows such Batman villains as The Joker, The Riddler, the Ventriloquist and Scarface, all of whom occurs in Trigon’s imaginary world. The post-credits scene is most definitely set in what passes for the real world on Titans.

That shattering of glass is accompanied by the words “Somewhere in Metropolis.” When the camera fades in, however, we’re not greeted by the Man of Steel, but instead the interior of Cadmus Laboratories. For fans of the animated Young Justice, the meaning is immediately clear: Conner Kent, also known as Superboy.

A figure is seen passing by on a monitor, before walking into view in the lab, and away from the containment pod he only just escaped. A display flashes a warning that “Subject 13” is offline. That’s an allusion to the character’s comic book roots, in which Project Cadmus referred to Kon-El as “Experiment 13,” because he was the 13th attempt by scientists to create a clone replacement for Superman following the hero’s death at the hands of Doomsday. On Young Justice, Conner was discovered by Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash, and liberated from Cadmus.

The post-credits scene of Titans depicts Superboy leaving behind injured, and perhaps dead, Cadmus scientists and out a dog with glowing red eyes. That’s, of course, Krypto, Superman’s beloved pet dog — or at least a version of him. Considering that he’s kept in a glowing green cage by Cadmus, it’s likely this incarnation is instead a laboratory experiment.

And just in case there were any doubt about the identity of the obscured figure really, how could there be? — the camera helpfully focuses on the iconic “S” emblem tattooed on his bicep.

The introduction of both characters is obviously big for the second season of Titans, potentially giving the team powerhouse new allies in the fight against Trigon, or else two more obstacles. Either way, it changes the game dramatically.

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