Ubisoft Teases “One or Two” Surprises For E3

Ubisoft has announced its E3 2019 line-up and has teased what the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC gamers can expect from it during the show. And perhaps most notably, the massive French publisher and developer has teased that it has “one or two” surprises in the store.

Beyond some surprise reveals and some announcements, Ubisoft says you can expect to see more of the Ghost Recon: BreakpointThe Division 2For Honor, and the Rainbow Six Siege for longer. Further, there will be game updates for recent and existing Ubisoft titles and a great”Celebrity Showdown” at some point during the show.

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Unisoft E3 2019 Fest

Of course, content updates for The Division 2Rainbow Six Siege, and For Honor 2 will be revealed and detailed during the presser, that’s also a gimmie. Meanwhile, presumably we will also get a deep dive into the Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which is scheduled to release during this October.

One of the surprises

Obviously though, the most interesting tidbit is the one or the other surprises. One of these is for Watch Dogs 3, which is releasing this year. The other surprise though,we are not sure. A new Just Dance will presumably be revealed, but that hardly qualifies as being a “surprise.” So, what else could it be? Well, there’s a good chance it’s that game Roller Champions, which had leaked last month. But is that it? Seems like it. We know Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Skull & Bones won’t be present now.So no updates there. The next Assassin’s Creed is likely being saved for time being. And there’s rumors that a new Mario + Rabbids game is in development, but maybe it’s not ready to show.

Ubisoft Gamescon

As for the long-awaited Splinter Cell, I’m hearing it won’t be at the show. Further, a recent rumor suggests there’s not even a new game in development at the moment after multiple cancelled projects. In other words, we may not be hearing or seeing anything from the franchise for awhile.

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It’s also possible Ubisoft is underselling the amount of surprises, or “one or two” is being used generally rather than literally. Alas, at this point, all we can do is wait, but thankfully we don’t have to wait much longer because E3 2019 is right around the corner.

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