UFC Goddess Angela Hill Wants To Star in Barack Obama’s Alien Abduction Netflix Movie

Netflix is ready to serve its viewers the White Mountains. It is an alien abduction tale that Betty and Barney Hill made popular back in 1961. The Republic of Rick fame Becky Leigh and Mario Kyprianou have composed the script for the feature film. And, it will work under Barack and Michelle Obama for their Higher Ground Productions. But how does that relate to MMA or UFC Angela Hill?

Angela Hill, a veteran strawweight in the UFC, is related to Betty Hill by blood, being their granddaughter. Given her family connection to the story, professional fighter Hill wants to play a role in the film. According to TMZ, the film titled White Mountain will adapt the account provided by Barney and Betty Hill, a couple who were believed to be kidnapped by aliens in New Hampshire in the fall of 1961. It is often referred to as the ‘Hill Abduction’ and is one of the nation’s most well-known claims of an alien encounter.

Angela Hill
UFC’s Angela Hill Wants in on Barack Obama’s Alien Abduction Movie

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Fans’ reaction to Angela Hill’s interest in essaying her grandmother’s role in the new Netflix

The grandparents of the UFC fighter, Barney and Betty Hill, are said to have been in Montreal on September 19, 1961, as they were leaving for their honeymoon. They claimed to have felt like they were being followed by a spotlight as they entered the New Hampshire White Mountains. They eventually came to a stop and reported seeing a ship circling above their car. Many fans encouraged Hill to take on the role and joined the Twitter conversation to express their support.

Angela Hill
Angela Hill

And for that reason, the UFC strawweight has stated that she would like to play the part of her grandmother. She admitted to playing either her grandmother or even any supporting role. She expressed interest on Twitter by writing:

“I mean can I get a background role or something? I can play my nana, my grandfather’s first wife.”

Moreover, the Hills’ granddaughter has also tasted success in mixed martial arts and is currently competing in the UFC. She was excited after learning that Obama’s production company was turning her grandparents’ story into a film. She then expressed her desire to participate in the project. She later revealed to TMZ that she has been hearing a lot of stories lately about how the “Hill Abduction” has influenced new projects. And she can’t help but feel let down that her family isn’t getting involved in any of them.

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Meet Former President and Netflix content creator- Barack Obama!

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

One of Former United States President Barack Obama’s decisions after leaving the presidency was to collaborate with Netflix. In addition to winning an Emmy for narrating his docuseries Our Great National Parks, he has found success in producing content for the streaming platform. Along with a number of other upcoming projects, Barack and Michelle Obama recently debuted their brand-new documentary Descendant. And now, Netflix and the Obamas are reportedly interested in hearing the story of Barney and Betty Hill. They are an American couple who claim they were abducted by aliens in 1961 in New Hampshire. 

Well, for Obama’s White Mountain, based on a real-life story, no release date has yet been finalized.

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