UFC Hotshot Jake Shields Trolls Prince Harry’s Claim of Killing 25 Taliban Fighters, Says it Was Just a “Photo Opportunity” for the Young Prince

Firstly, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan and now the Duke of Sussex’s tell-all memoir Spare is not sparing the British Royal family after shocking revelations about them. Excerpts from the book have dominated media coverage after it was released in Spain before its official release. In his book, the Duke of Sussex recounts his heroics during the Afghanistan war when he claimed to have killed 25 Taliban insurgents as an Apache helicopter pilot.

The Duke of Sussex
The Duke of Sussex as an Apache helicopter pilot

However, Prince Harry’s claims are backfiring as people including, UFC hotshot Jake Shields, call it a photo opportunity, despite many praising him for the war he fought in. People would think the Duke of Sussex wouldn’t have to endure the horrors of war as a high-ranking member of the British Royal family. In his book Spare, the Duke of Sussex claims that for 20 weeks, he was in Afghanistan for his second tour of duty and experienced the real war when he killed 25 Taliban insurgents.

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Jake Shields Does Not Believe Prince Harry’s Claims Of Killing 25 Taliban Insurgents

As Prince Harry bared more of his life in his tell-all book Spare, what grabbed the most attention was the revelation that he served in the military. During his ten-year service in the British army, the Duke of Sussex claimed he achieved great valor by killing 25 trained Taliban fighters. However, UFC legend Jake Shields does not believe his few claims and calls that the Duke just had a photo opportunity. Aside from UFC legend, many others do not accept these claims.

MMA Jake Shields
MMA Jake Shields

A hip-hop artist named An0maly tweeted about Prince Harry’s war claims, “I don’t believe him at all.”

On that tweet, Jake Shield tweeted in response, “He went to Afghanistan for a photo opportunity”

As a result of his response, his tweet against Prince Harry grabbed attention quickly, and users began to show their support for it; however, many opposed the tweet.

The Duke of Sussex served as a forward air controller in Afghanistan between 2007-2008 and then as an Apache attack helicopter pilot between 2012-2013. During his military career, the 38-year-old Prince was known as “Captain Wales” and described the people he killed as chess pieces he had taken off the board and not as persons.

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The Duke Of Sussex Has Turned Against Military

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Following the trashing of his birth family, Prince Harry was accused by a retired commanding officer of turning against his military family. As the Duke of Sussex describes it in his memoir, killing 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan felt like removing pieces from a chess board. According to recent reports obtained by BBC, Ex-colonel Tim Collins described Prince’s behavior as “not army behavior.” The outlet claims to have received a copy after the book was released early in Spain.

Collins said,

“That’s not how you behave in the Army; it’s not how we think. He has badly let the side down. We don’t do notches on the rifle butt. We never did.”

He continued,

“Harry has now turned against the other family, the military, that once embraced him, having trashed his birth family. He accused Prince Harry of choosing an “alien” path and of “pursuing riches he does not need.”

“In the end, I see only disappointment and misery in his pursuit of riches he does not need, and his rejection of family and comradely love that he badly needs.”

In response to the claims in the book, retired commanding officer Colonel Collins condemned it as a tragic money-making scam after being disappointed by the claims.

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Source: Twitter, BBC

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