Photographs are more than just picture, they are moments, memories all captured in a camera.
Famous people do not really escape from  cameras of paparazzi, but there are moments when these celebrities too enjoy normal life like all of us. Since privacy is very important for them, they try not to put out their photos from their private moments in the public.  But many times the fans somehow get their hands on these photos or they are released by their families.
These rare photos just show how prominent these celebrities are in the world.
Here are few of the never seen beautiful pictures of celebrities and leaders enjoying their moments from sets or private meetings!

1.Charlie Chaplin And Albert Einstein in 1931

2.A Shot Of Elijah Wood And Macaulay Culkin Taken During Shooting Of “ The Good Son” in 1993

3.  Drew Barrymore At Young Age With Steven Spielberg On The Set Of “E.T”

4.Muhammed Ali With The Beatles in 1964

5.Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Probably Discussing Technology in 1991

6.  Marilyn Monroe Met Queen Elizabeth II in 1956

7. Alan Shepard aka The First American Man In Space While Putting On His Space Suit

8.  Che Guevara With Fidel Castro

9. Elvis Presley While He Was In The Army in 1958

10.  Arnold Schwarzenegger When He Was In New York For The First Time in 1968

11.  Barack Obama When He Was In The Basketball Team

12.  Star Cast Of Star Wars Movies Before The Recording In 1978

13. Queen Elizabeth During Her Serving Time In The Army During The World War II

14. Stephen Hawkins And Jan Wilde During Their Wedding In 1965

15. Osama Bin Laden (On The Right) While Learning Judo With His Teachers

16.  Chuck Norris With Bruce Lee

17. Robert Downey Junior With Slash

18.  Johnny Depp With Oasis (Band)

19.  William Harley And Arthur Davidson; The Founders Of Harley Davidson In 1914

20.  Hachiko The Dog Who Inspired The Movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” Before Being Buried In 1935

21. Bill Gates’ Mugshot When He Was Caught For Driving Without A License In 1977

22.   Pablo Picasso With Brigitte Bardot In 1956

23.  Steven Spielberg Enjoying On The Set Of “Jaws”

24.  Jimi Hendrix And Mick Jagger Discussing Music Together In 1969

25.  Young Bill Clinton Shaking Hands With  JFK In 1963

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