Fans Can’t Handle This Unknown Fact About Iron Man 3

Little known fact about iron man movie

Marvel fans were caught unaware of a new report related to Iron Man 3 surfacing online.

The little-known fact has deeply wobbled the minds of Marvel fans with the news trending constantly on Twitter.

The news revealed that Robert Downey Jr, the actor who has portrayed Iron Man in the entirety of the MCU movies, was not present during the final shots for the third installment in the Iron Man series.

What led to Downey’s absence?

Downey suffered a stunt injury during the film shooting.

The news reported that Downey had suffered an ankle injury on the movie sets during the filming. As a result, the actor’s recovery delayed movie production by six weeks.

However, Marvel saw this as an obstacle to their plan of releasing the film on 3rd May, and thus, put another plan into action.

The movie scenes were shot according to the timetable, but without Downey Jr behind the camera lens. Iron Man 3’s VFX team Weta Digital shot the scenes with the help of a body double.

VFX supervisor explains the process

Iron Man 3’s VFX supervisor explained the use of VFX in the movie.

The VFX supervisor of Iron Man 3, Chris Townsend, cleared the air regarding the production process in Downey’s absence.

Townsend stated, “We were able to reconstruct RDJ as Tony Stark on set, with the help of a body double and the facial captures we’d collected afterward.” He also highlighted the role played by the film crew in the entire process and their dedication towards the same.

How was VFX  used in the movie

Marvel used VFX in Iron Man 3 way back in 2013

The whole beach scene at the end of Iron Man 3 was shot with the help of VFX. A body double was used for the shoot, with the production department digitally merging Downey’s face onto the body.

The use of CGI has increased a lot in today’s film production world, owing to the advancement of technology. But Marvel was ahead of its time, using it way back in 2013.

The first installment of Captain America, released by Marvel in 2011, also featured the use of VFX to create Chris Evans’s character of ‘Skinny Steve.’

Source: Comicbook, IGN

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