Marvel Announces New Release Dates For Every Upcoming MCU Movie.

As we all are aware that there had been a serious outbreak in the world and due to this COVID-19 many film studios have been told to shift back the release dates of their entire up-coming movie. This simply means that fans have to keep on waiting now for a quite long time before they are able to see their favourite movies again. And due to this Marvel’s Phase 4 movies have also shifted their release dates from the original dates. However, Disney was also affected with this Corona virus outbreak but they have decided that they will release their brand new dates for the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 in a new Timeline. Animated Times has collected the new schedule of these MCU movies.

1 Black Widow- Previous Date  May 1, 2020, New Date Nov. 6, 2020 :

2 The EternalsPrevious Date Nov. 6, 2020, New Date Feb. 12, 2021 :

3 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings- Previous Date Feb. 12, 2021, New Date May 7, 2021 :

4 Doctor Strange 2Previous Date May 7, 2021, New Date Nov. 5, 2021 :

5 Thor: Love and ThunderPrevious Date Nov. 5, 2021, New Date Feb. 18, 2022 :

6 Black Panther 2Previous And New Date May 6, 2022 :

7 Captain Marvel 2 — July 8, 2022 :

Captain Marvel 2 is the only movie to have a specific release date announced for the first time before production.

Source: Casey Rackham



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