Venom 2 With Carnage May Not Be R-Rated: Says Producers

Venom is now running in theatres worldwide, and the film’s mid-credits scene introduced Woody Harrelson’s Carnage. This got the fans buzzed up, anticipating the sequel to Venom. However, this report can change it all for those enthusiastic fans.

During a recent interview with Venom’s producer Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, it was hinted the next Venom film may not be an R-rated one, even if Carnage is there in the film.

“You know what? When you hear Venom…forget Venom. When you hear, Carnage, the only thing you can think of is R. But, if you know his story, if you really know the comic, there’s no R here.” Avi Arad told Collider. “He’s a tortured soul. It’s not about what he does, because we never have to show the knife going from here to there, and the blood is pouring. What you have to show is, what is the motivation? Was he born like that, or it’s someone we should feel for, because if you are succeeding to make a villain someone you can feel for, jackpot.”

For those who don’t know, Carnage is the name of a symbiote that bonds with Cleytus Kasady, becoming the dangerous villain who kills without any reason or discretion, serving as a rival to both, Spider-Man and Venom. The character was introduced in 1991 and has since become the most popular Spider-Man villain in the Marvel Universe.

Many fans feel that the sequel to Venom should be Venom: Maximum Carnage, drawing its storyline from the 1990’s crossover event where Carnage mutates to a point where he goes undetected, teaming up with psychotic inmates, wreaking havoc on Spider-Man, Morbius, Black Cat and Nightwatch. All these characters then get together to stop Carnage from turning New York into a city of killers.

With Sony looking forward to expanding their Marvel universe with characters like Black Cat, Silver Sable and Morbius, it’s safe to say that we may get to witness the biggest crossover in Sony. This could a great an opportunity to start a shared universe, and while fans expect Carnage to be something akin to a horror film, there have been horror films many in the past, that has scared people while being under the PG-13 rating.

Harrelson already gave us a taste of how lethal Carnage could be, as we saw him scribbling a “Welcome Note” to Eddie Brock, using his own blood from the forearm. Let’s see how Sony deals with Carnage without violating strict censorship standards.

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