Venom 3: Symbiotes MORE Powerful Than Venom We Can See In The Threequel

Now that Venom: Let There Be Carnage has given us Carnage, what symbiotes will Venom 3 bring to the big screens? Here are a few symbiotes stronger than venom we would like to see in Venom 3 for sure. For now, we know that Toxin is coming. But who else?



The Klyntar Symbiote Zzzxx is a pariah, even by the standards of the symbiotes. And that is saying something. Zzzxx works differently than its peers. While other symbiotes generally tend to form a symbiotic relationship and feed off of the host’s hormones, Zzzxx just eats their entire bodies up. That is the reason why the Shi’Ar decided to imprison the symbiote in a secure facility. They still use Zzzxx was a weapon of mass destruction, unleashing it upon their enemies and watching chaos unfold in cosmic skirmishes and battles with other alien races.



The symbiote Anti-Venom came into existence after the bits and pieces of the Venom symbiote within Brock’s body joined forces to help him beat cancer. Anti-Venom is the polar opposite to Venom. He is resistant to fire and sound. These are the primary weaknesses of every other symbiote in the Marvel comic book universe. Anti-Venom also has a healing factor he can transfer to others around him. Brock travelled far and wide, helping people and curing them of all sorts of illnesses. Venom 3 could see the Anti-Venom symbiote take the center-stage.


Doctor Tanis Nieves

In Venom: Let There Be Carnage, a small sliver of Venom ended up in Cletus’ body and that turned him into Carnage. In the comics, Carnage did the same to Doctor Tanis Nieves. After infecting her arm and leaving a symbiote sliver in her body, Carnage fled the scene. Nieves, disgusted with the notion of an alien parasite living in her body, cut off the infected arm. The symbiote still managed to find its way into Tanis Nieves and she eventually became Scorn. Scorn has all the powers of Carnage along with a unique ability to blend with technology. Nieves could make an appearance in Venom 3.

Endo-Sym Armor

Endo-Sym Suit

In 2015’s Iron Man #1, Tony Stark created the Endo-Sym armor. The suit of armor mimicked the powers of the Venom symbiote suit but had none of the side-effects. That means one can actually enjoy all of venom’s symbiote suit abilities without the constant mental struggle between the two psyches existing within the same body. Tony Stark will probably never appear in Venom 3. But the Endo-Sym armor definitely can. Now that the symbiotes have become mainstream in the Ven0m-Verse, the government may develop such a technology to counter further transgressions.



It is a shame that we never got to see Scream in action in the first Venom movie. She is a product of the Life Foundation, the evil corporation form the first movie. Scream is probably the second most scariest symbiote super-villain in existence after Carnage. Scream has the basic abilities of a symbiote but it is her brutality and ruthlessness that makes her such a formidable opponent. It took a lot for Venom to beat Scream in the comic books. Venom 3 should give her a chance to make Eddie Brock’s life a living hell.

The Poisons


Every species has their natural predator. The symbiotes, as much as they look like it, are not the apex predators in their cosmic food chain. That honor goes to the Poisons, the symbiotes’ natural predators. Biologically, they are stronger and more powerful than every symbiote in existence. Once they catch hold of a host, they turns into spiteful tumors, taking on their hosts’ powers and even going so far as to turn their bodies into weapons for inter-dimensional travel. They were so damn strong they even managed to make Thanos their leader. The Poisons could come to Earth in Venom 3.

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