Venom Gets New Symbiote Powers And a New Look in Venom #5

The ongoing Venom series by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman is flying to new heights with every issue.

In a preview of Venom #5 released by Marvel, Eddie Brock is shown pulling off a new trick with his symbiote. It shows Brock growing wings to fly himself and Miles Morales to safety.

This might be a new trick learnt by Eddie and the symbiote after their encounter with Knull, the god of symbiotes. Knull also manifested his own symbiote as a dragon and it seems like that encounter has changed Eddie’s symbiote. Eddie is still in his learning phase and there’s a lot he is yet to learn. Eddie earlier believed that Klyntar was home to all symbiotes but actually, it’s a prison for Knull. The first symbiote created by Knull was actually his first personal weapon which later came to be known as All-Black the Necrosword.

However, Knull lost the Celestials and was caged in Klyntar. Some of his symbiotes were discovered by the US government and were bonded to other soldiers during the Vietnam war. One of these symbiotes contacted Eddie for help in freeing other symbiotes from their hosts. Eddie didn’t know that all soldiers were dead and their symbiotes were eager to free their former hosts.

Now Eddie and Miles Morales must do something to stop the Grendel symbiote before it gets back to Klyntar to free Knull else, Knull will resume his war on life beginning with Earth.

Venom #5 goes on sale today.

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