Venom’s release in China on November 11 has skyrocketed the box office numbers X making its one of the newest film to rank in the Top 100 Highest Grossing film list. Another new addition is Incredibles 2, which is ranked at #15.

Venom made $210 million in the domestic market, surpassing Justice League and made $34.7 million in its opening day in China. This makes Ruben Fleischer’s Venom the second highest opening earner of a superhero film in the box office history.

It has now beaten Star Wars which grossed $775.4 million worldwide and Venom has now earned $780.5 million. It has also surpassed Guardians of the Galaxy which made $773.3 million.

Venom ranks currently #84 on the list, moving towards Spider-Man 2 and Deadpool. There’s a good chance that Venom will move further up on the list. Venom toppling Star Wars is a surprise considering the mixed reviews Venom received.

This means that fans will get to see more of Eddie Brock in the future as Fleischer has already shared some ideas on the sequel.

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