Venom: Let There Be Carnage Struggles To Recreate Infinity War’s Most Shocking Arc

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded at a breakneck rate. We’ve witnessed the cinematic world evolve over the previous thirteen years through 25 films. It had its ups and downs, but Infinity War was without a doubt the most intriguing experiment in the series. That film does something no other superhero film has ventured to do before it. It ensures that the “villain” of the franchise is the protagonist in this film. Venom 2, a recent release, fails to reproduce the most stunning storyline of Infinity War. There will be spoilers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage below. Come and read this article after you’ve seen the movie.

Venom 2 Fails To Recreate Infinity War’s Arc

Venom 2 Fails To Recreate Infinity War's Shocking Arc
Venom 2 Fails To Recreate Infinity War’s Shocking Arc

No, we’re not referring to a self-righteous adversary or a narrative in which the evil triumphs in the end. The Hulk’s refusal to appear was the actual shock narrative of Infinity War. Now, I believe Hulk was too scared to face Thanos after his previous confrontation with the Mad Titan. He didn’t want to be Banner’s fallback choice. This offered Bruce his own arc in which he could battle alongside the Avengers while wearing the Hulkbuster armor or Veronica. Venom Let There Be Carnage, on the other hand, made most of the situation by laughing.

Avengers: Endgame Thanos About To Snaps His Fingers
The Famous Scene From Avengers: Endgame ” I Am Inevitable”

There is a scene in the film where Venom confronts Carnage at the church where Carnage is to be married. Because Carnage is keeping Anne prisoner, this becomes a battleground. Eddie arrives to confront Cletus. However, Venom refuses to battle Carnage, claiming that “that’s a red one.” Eddie persuades him to come out when he says Venom can eat Cletus. This results in Venom’s dismissal, but therein lays the dilemma. For cheap laughs, the most startling storyline of Infinity War is trivialized.

Eddie Brock's Relation With Venom
A Still From Venom 2 Showing Eddie’s Relation With Venom

The Most Surprising Infinity War Arc:

The Most Stunning Infinity War Arc
The Most Stunning Infinity War Arc

The Avengers: Infinity War was a film for the ages. The film was praised by audiences all around the world as a masterpiece. The whole MCU’s foreshadowing has led up to Thanos’ arrival on Earth. His entrance into Wakanda marks the start of the end. His escapades before Earth, on the other hand, are nightmare-inducing. The Hulk was squashed by the Mad Titan like an amateur by a veteran. Any optimism that Hulk will be the answer is dashed within seconds of the film’s beginning.

Thanos And Hulk Fighting
A Clip From Avengers: Infinity War Hulk Fighting Thanos

It’s logical that the Hulk would refuse to assist Banner on Earth. Who would want to aid the helpless Banner after such a beating? At the time, he had to fend for himself and grow as a result. Unlike Banner, Venom and Eddie did not develop. On-screen, Venom: Let There Be Carnage was the same old plot that was meticulously repeated. Don’t get us wrong: it was a fantastic film, but we prefer character development over mindless violence.

A Still of Carnage From Venom 2
A Still of Carnage In Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Anyway, the scene with Venom and Carnage, and therefore the church scene in question, is a brief joke. It’s nothing more than a brief spoof of Infinity War’s most stunning narrative. The Hulk is a formidable foe. If he had been enraged enough, he may have changed into the World War Hulk and annihilated Thanos. For those of you who don’t know, Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet was significantly weak in the movies. The one in the comics rivaled Death’s strength. As a result, Thanos would be destroyed in Infinity War based on the comic World War.


A Still Of Thanos vs Hulk
A Pic Of Thanos vs Hulk

The most startling storyline of Infinity War transformed one of the MCU’s greatest heroes into the most vulnerable of protagonists. The relationship between Hulk and Banner deteriorates throughout Infinity War, but it reaches a climax in Endgame. If Hulkbuster Banner was the lowest of the low, then Professor Hulk is unquestionably the highest of the high for the duo. It’s heartwarming to see Hulk take selfies with children. Will we ever learn more about Professor Hulk’s past? Perhaps something will be revealed in the upcoming She-Hulk series. All we can do is wait and watch.

Venom & Carnage's Final Battle
The Final Battel Between Venom & Carnage

We’ve come a long way since the Hulk terrorized Brooklyn. I guess the “Super Soldier” program was a success. The new Venom film, on the other hand, simply does not give the scene credit. Venom 2 Fails to Recreate Infinity War’s Most Shocking Arc. What do you think of our findings? Is this correct? Is it just too far-fetched to be true? Is it possible that it is overly complicated? Isn’t it a little hazy? Let us know what you think in the comments. Till then we will see you lads in the next article, but don’t forget to keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for getting a closer look into the entertainment industry, upcoming movies and TV series, celebrity gossip, and much more. We have got you all covered. Continue reading Animated Times, guys, for more.

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