Venom has always been under strict supervision, as the Spider-Man spinoff film didn’t feature Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film received major criticism by critics, but the audience score balanced it out for the film. The film went on to make some major box office profit and now a new report claims that Venom is about to become the most profitable Spider-Man film by Sony to date!

As stated by Forbes, Venom has currently grossed over $508 million worldwide and projects an overall gross of $630-700 million. This will make Venom the most profitable Spider-Man film ever. Here’s what they wrote:

“Venom has earned 5.08x its production budget. That makes it, in terms of production budget versus global theatrical grosses, more profitable than any Spider-Man movie since the first Spider-Man movie ($822m on a $139m = 5.91x) back in 2002. Spider-Man 2 earned $784m on a $220m budget in 2004 (3.56x) and Spider-Man 3 (which featured Venom as one of the villains) earned $891m on a $260m budget in 2007 (3.42x). Amazing Spider-Man grossed $758m worldwide on a $230m budget in 2012 (3.29x) while Amazing Spider-Man 2 earned $709m on a $255m budget in 2014 (2.78x). Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, earned $880m worldwide on a $175m budget last year (5.03x).”

Venom also has a low production budget ($100 million) than other Spider-Man movies, which have a budget of around $200 million. The film is yet to open in Japan and China, and we all know that both are potential markets for superhero films.

Venom has already given Sony enough incentive to continue the franchise and move ahead with other SUMC films and a sequel to Venom.

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