Venom Star Tom Hardy Visits Children’s Hospital In Los Angeles

Venom may not be a superhero, but this hasn’t stopped star Tom Hardy from visiting sick kids in real life. The actor recently visited a Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Hardy entertained the kids and even let them get out their superhero moves. Here’s the twitter post:

“The adorableness is too much to handle! Big thanks to Tom Hardy for coming along with @VenomMovie entertaining our kids and letting them pull out their best superhero moves on you!” the post read.

The picture shows that the kids were happy to see Hardy drop by but when it came to playing Venom, Hardy relied on his own son, Louis who helped Hardy get the character right.

In a recent interview with ET, Hardy revealed that Louis had helped him with Venom, as to what the actor was doing right and what he wasn’t.

“He was pretty much in the driving seat for a lot of it, and I did use him as my anthology and my mythology wizard,” Hardy said. “He told me what I was doing wrong, and I was doing more things wrong than I was doing right because children are deeply honest. He was my little spirit guide in that aspect.”

Hardy added that he took on Venom’s role because of his son, Louis, as he is a big fan of the character.

“First and foremost I’m a dad,” Hardy said. “One of the things you come across as a father is a massive influx of stories brought to you after Fireman Sam by Spider-Mans and Venoms and Captain Americas. So, my son came to me with a specific character that he absolutely fell in love with.

“I started to take a look at it,” he continued, “and then, as if by magic, a script appeared on the horizon. Having had done Dark Knight with Chris [Nolan], I’d kind of done my superhero bit, but when I was presented with the opportunity to play Venom — and that correlated with my son’s love of Venom and how cool he was — I got really, really excited and decided I wanted to do it.”

Venom is running in theatres now.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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