SPOILERS for Venom: The End by Adam Warren, Jeff “Chamba” Cruz, and Rahzzah below

Venom was introduced back in Spider-Man #299. Since then it has had a long history. It has bonded with a lot of Marvel superheroes and no matter what it has always survived. After all, it was created like Wolverine and Captain America in one version. But the question is- how does the Venom symbiote actually meet its end? Venom: The End answers just that.

Venom Faces Off Against A.I

Venom takes on AI. Pic courtesy: newsarama.com
Venom takes on AI. Pic courtesy: newsarama.com

Venon: The End tells Venom’s final story which spans trillions of years. It also involves some of the most insane plots and storytelling that the character has ever been part of. But it still feels like a perfect tribute to this once can’t-be-killed symbiote.

In the one-shot, we see the final tale of the Venom Symbiote. Its final life takes place over multiple lifetimes through Marvel’s future. In the story, Eddie Brock is the last living human. He is a husk who’s been kept alive within the symbiote via “cellular bioscaffolding.” It’s shown that Venom has actually replaced Eddie’s neurons one by one. Gradually his host crumbles which leaves the symbiote all alone for the first time since meeting Eddie. This sad moment isn’t the only thing going on as Venom will now have to get ready to face the Artificial Superintelligence arms race that has caused an A.I. takeover of the entire universe.

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Venom Cares About Humanity

Venom sacrifices himself to give biolife a chance. Pic courtesy: AIPT.com
Venom sacrifices himself to give biolife a chance. Pic courtesy: AIPT.com

In this war, Venom fails to unify the remaining symbiotes for a one last shot at defending biolife as opposed to A.I. So Venom makes use of the contained codex of Multiple Man Jamie Maddrox to create his own army of hosts. He keeps experimenting with other mutants and tries to use them as hosts. He then uses Quicksilver’s codex to distort space-time and bond with literally everything that has ever lived. If you think that’s cool, we need to tell you that it indeed is.

Venom then makes use of the multi-dimensional network of codices contained within his form to respawn all of the biolife into a new Venomverse. He also brings all of his previous hosts back into the proper time streams inside the new universe.

So what venom does is, he uses himself to make a new universe. In this universe biolife can begin again and it will also be a symbiote free future. It’s an incredible sacrifice, and one that shows Venom is more than just a mysterious alien symbiote. He truly cares about humanity. The fact that he cares for humanity and Eddie was shown before as well in Venom #13.  At the end, this anti hero did get a heroic send off even if his best friend Eddie wasn’t there to see it.

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