Venom Themed ‘PS4 Controller’ Design Revealed By Kustom Kontrollerz

After the Spider-Man custom PlayStation controller by Kustom Kontrollerz, it seems like they have come up with yet another customised mock-up of a comic book controller. This time, it features the popular Spidey villain, Venom.

The design has been put together by Artist Vittorio of Team KustomX and it features a black and white design with a Venom face on its right side and a dark emblem on its left. The controller has a black D-pad with white face buttons along with black analog sticks and triggers. The controller looks similar to the theme of Sony’s upcoming Venom film.

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For all fans of both these characters, Kustom Kontrollerz has confirmed that they are currently working on a “half and half” model, in case one prefers both Spidey and Venom. The design is still being finalised and we’ll share it with you as soon as it gets done. Till then, stay tuned for more.


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