Venom’s Death Confirmed Marvel’s Most Powerful Cosmic Being

There are some comic series that reveal some side stories that reveal a lot of potential futures of Marvel characters in their last moments and Venom: The End #1 is one of them. This isn’t like any other story under the “The End” category, the finale to Venom might be the most mind-blowing thing to date.

However, this is also a story of a lonely alien who goes against nature to be a powered hero. Thanks to his choices, The Venom symbiote is Marvel’s most powerful being.

Venom’s Cosmic Powers At the of Marvel Universe, Explained

Cosmic Venom
Cosmic Venom

This story sees Venom symbiote going to war with ASI aka Superhuman Artificial Intelligence to preserve all humanity. However, in millions of years of combat, Venom has suffered a lot of losses and has yet to serve humanity by focusing on his goals.

A symbiote has the ability to remember every host, replicating its powers, thanks to its internal codex. Due to this skill, Venom plans to duplicate itself, thanks to all the powers of Multiple Man. By doing so, Venom went on to create more venomised mutants, which makes him capable of destroying planets.

To take on ASI, things went a step further. Traveling via time with powers from Quicksilver, further amplifying them with another Mutants’ power called Elixir. Venom also went on to use its cosmic knowledge, ripping itself apart, creating a pocket universe where life can thrive again.

How Venom Became King of All Life

Venom: The End #1
Venom: The End #1

The main Marvel 616 universe, Eddie and Venom have also reached their level of Godhood that hasn’t ever been in symbiosis ever. Eddie has the ability to connect to all symbiotes in the Klyntar hive. This allowed him to also pilot symbiotes and show him another way to live without using violence unnecessarily.

However, when they’re connected, Eddie’s mortal body has started aging more quickly. Eddie seems to be dying physically but his connections to the symbiotes might have saved him, however, his overall consciousness inhabits a more humanoid symbiote suit, making him all the way more powerful.

Compared with 616 Universe’s most powerful beings, it is evident that Cosmic Venom is an absolute force to reckon with in the Marvel Universe. Could this be seen in the MCU? With Venom just entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and MCU is always full of surprises, so well, you never know.

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