Venomverse: FIVE Villains (And Two Heroes, Except Spidey) That Should Appear In Venom 2

Venom is officially a hit now. Sony actually took a big risk by making a Spider-Man villain film, without the wall-crawler in it, but it seems like their gamble has successfully paid off. Everyone (except the critics) agreed that the film was flawed, but it was fun. And now Sony is definitely eyeing at its sequel. So, it’s safe to assume that Venom 2 will be coming soon.

In the comics, Venom has been a part of a lot of popular storylines and crossover, and there is scope for a lot of characters to enrich his storyline. So, today we will discuss five villains that should appear in the next Venom (and two heroes besides Spider-Man)


Carnage is the most obvious choice for the villain of Venom. Fully appearing in 1992, the character has already been teased in the post-credits of Venom.

In the comics, Cletus Kasady was Eddie Brock’s cellmate when the symbiote appeared. He bonded with Eddie and escaped out of the prison, leaving an offspring behind. This offspring bonded with Kasady and unlike Eddie, had no desire to do anything heroic or right.

Mac Gargan

He made a short cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming while in the comics, he made his debut way back in 1964. Hired by J Jonah Jameson to spy on Peter, he later transformed into the villain, Scorpion.

The Venom symbiote bonded with Gargan after Eddie auctioned it away.


Debuting in 1993’s Spider-Man: Unlimited, Shriek was totally crazy. She teamed up with Carnage in the popular Maximum Carnage storyline.

She has had an on-off relationship with Carnage and this puts her squarely against Venom, who hates Cletus Kasady. Her powers are sound based.

Norman Osborn

The Green Goblin debuted in 1964’s Amazing Spider-Man and over the years, Norman Osborn has taken many personas. His most recent was Red Goblin after he bonded with the Carnage Symbiote.

Introducing Norman Osborn into the continuity will bring in a scary villain, who can be “anti” Nick Fury of the Spider-verse.


Originally, appearing as a demon that bonded to Jason Macendale while Macendale was Hobgoblin. While he separated himself from the demon later, it created a separate entity called Demogoblin.

His targets were essentially sinners but the problem was that everyone was a sinner to him. He also teamed up with Carnage, thinking that it’ll help him to punish every sinner on Earth.

Black Cat

Black Cat has mostly been a hero in the Marvel Universe. She’s the daughter of a cat burglar, who first appeared in 1979’s Amazing Spider-Man #194. She developed feelings for Spider-Man and the two even shared a brief relationship.

Venom once took her down after she was sad about Peter’s marriage with Mary Jane.


When Nightwatch might not be very well known, he still has an interesting story. He made his full debut in 1993 and since then, he has fought alongside heroes during popular events like Maximum Carnage.

He even teamed up with Venom later on, and this makes him an interesting candidate to appear in the films.

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