Verizon Offers Its Customers Disney+ Service For Free

Disney and Verizon's new partnership allows Verizon's customers to get Disney+ content for free. This partnership will certainly prove to be fruitful to Verizon users. But what are the precise details for this deal which seems too good to be true?

Soon Disney is going to release its much publicized Disney+ streaming service. It’s been said that it will have tonnes of Marvel content, Star Wars content, Disney content and more. Customers will be able to get all this amazing stuff at a price of $6.99 per month. But this price might be expensive to many or some may want to check out the content before fully committing to paying for it each month. If you too fall in this bunch then Verizon has a solution for you. If you are a Verizon customer then you won’t have to pay for Disney+. Here’s more about this offer:

Verizon’s Offer For Its Customers Regarding Disney+

Verizon customers will be able to avail Disney+ for free. Pic courtesy:
Verizon customers will be able to avail Disney+ for free. Pic courtesy:

Recently, Verizon and Disney announced their partnership. This partnership comes on the heels of Disney acquiring Hulu from Comcast. The deal lets Verizon customers enjoy a full year of Disney+ content after its initial launch. But to avail this offer you will have to be a Verizon customer on its unlimited data plan. If you are, then beginning from November 12th ( Launch date of Disney+ in US) you will be able to sign up for the streaming service at zero extra charge. This offer applies to both existing and new customers. This new offer seems to be an extension of the one which allowed people to earn $1000 on binge watching Disney+.

Verizon And Disney Bosses Speak On The Deal

Verizon and Disney bosses speak up on their new partnership. Pic courtesy:
Verizon and Disney bosses speak up on their new partnership. Pic courtesy:

Commenting on this new deal between the two companies, Kevin Mayer, the Chairman of Disney’s Direct-to-Consumer and International segment said that:

“The launch of Disney+ kicks off a new era of streaming for The Walt Disney Company, bringing nearly a century’s worth of content from our iconic studios to consumers directly. We’re excited to share this moment with Verizon and bring Disney+ to the millions of customers across its award-winning wireless network.”

Along with this, Verizon chief Hans Vestberg said that:

“Giving Verizon customers an unprecedented offer and access to Disney+ on the platform of their choice is yet another example of our commitment to provide the best premium content available through key partnerships on behalf of our customers.” 

If you want to know the exact process which will allow you to sign up to the streaming service when it comes next month, then you will have to wait for more information regarding it.

To know more about Disney and Verizon’s deal regarding Disney+, check out the video below:

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