Cyborg has been a long mainstay of Young Justice. Now Young Justice: Outsiders is putting Cyborg through an emotional and physical wringer. Viewers will know that Victor Stone had to fight his father fusing him to a Father Box after an accident, he also had to deal with serious mental issues as the “living computer” nearly possessed him and transformed him in a killer. Moreover, Vic upgraded as well and after an exorcism the evil was finally purged from his system. So now, he is finally more man than machine. But he is not done upgrading, and it looks like this final upgrade will be the most important one yet.

Victor And His New Powers 

Victor fights Granny's Overlord. Pic courtesy:
Victor fights Granny’s Overlord. Pic courtesy:

After Victor got turned into a New God he has been able to open Boom Tubes all by his own. He has not just been able to open it but communicate with it and shut it down as well. But now he is more than just a techno-path, he is data itself and his powers and awesomeness have increased a lot.

Vic can also now intercept texts, calls and online messages without anyone being the wiser. This leads him to Granny for one last raid but it makes his friends uncomfortable since it’s an invasion of privacy for them. Although it was inadvertent since he couldn’t control being “the actual data highway”. But now he can control and filter out his scanning and it dawns on him that since he is pretty much the internet, this is his final evolution and that this upgrade has made him the perfect spy.

Defeating Overlord And Becoming Cyborg

Victor Stone finally becomes Cyborg. Pic courtesy:
Victor Stone finally becomes Cyborg. Pic courtesy:

He does find Granny and goes after her Overlord, which is her artificial intelligence in the Ghost Dimension. This runs the X-Pit and manipulates people to submit to the Anti-Life Equation. In the ensuing battle between Overlord and Vic, Vic realizes that he is now the Grid. As such, he now co-opts the digital construct in which they’re fighting and it’s pretty similar to how Neo began to control the Matrix. Vic takes control of Apokoliptian technology and  even survives digital death when his Avatar or essence is stabbed by the Overlord inside. Ultimately he shuts the Overlord down and takes over the realm.

As for the name Cyborg- Vic realizes that since the entire digital space of the cosmos belongs to him so that is the perfect upgrade nickname for him. Vic becomes such a powerhouse with his upgrade that even Metron refers to him as his grandchild along with Halo. To Metron they are extensions of the Box Technology and Vic has New God tech in his own system. This makes Vic the most valuable asset because the Grid makes him a cerebral threat since he is an instrument of mass destruction. As such now he will be partnering up with the Outsiders to stop Darkseid’s crusade.

Young Justice: Outsiders is currently streaming on DC Universe.

To know more about Cyborg and his comic book origins, click on the video below:

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