Villain’s Plan For Spider-Man Far From Home Revealed

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The movie has a huge Villain plot twist. Which turns out to be that Mysterio( Jake Gyllenhaal) is the movie’s antagonist. 


Not just that, Mysterio’s intention to defeat Spider-Man is related directly to Tony Stark.


It Was Obvious That Gyllenhaal Was The Villain

Spider-Man meets Mysterio
Spider-Man meets Mysterio

When Gyllenhaal was introduced as Mysterio, it was assumed naturally that he will be the villain. That was assumed on the storyline of comics.

However, the marketing for the movie was huge and managed to convince us that maybe, Gyllenhaal is not the antagonist. Instead, we were sure that he is a Hero. There were scenes in the movie showing Gyllenhaal fighting against the Elementals working together with Nick Fury. 


What Was The Initial Plot?

The initial plot was that he is from an Earth of another dimension. The Elementals had destroyed his plant and so he wants to fight them now. Although not everyone bought the story. 


And the movie by the end brings out Mysterio as the main villain, which was kind of expected for the comic fans.


Mysterio is A Villain Who Wants To Be A Saviour 



His life is not as simple. Mysterio does not actually want bad for the world. He does want to save it, but his steps end up making him the villain instead.

Before becoming Mysterio, Quentin Beck was actually a Stark employee. He was a tech genius and the one who created the augmented memory software. It is the same software that we see in Captain America: Civil War as B.A.R.F ( Binarily Augmented Retro Framing).

Tony makes his great creation a vanity project instead, causing Beck to leave the company. He meets up with people like him and plans to take revenge on all superheroes. How they lived their life without any responsibility for their actions.


Beck Wished To Make The World Better

Mysterio in Spider-Man Far From Home

After Iron-Man’s death, and all the chaos from Thanos’ attack, there is a gap between the heroes and the society. Beck wants to use that and become a new hero.

Not just that but, he wants every person to be a hero, save themselves and the ones they love. Not just the ones who are privileged like Tony Stark. The only problem is that he loses his motive, and wants to become a hero only for himself, not others due to his ambition. 


I will not give any more spoilers, you can watch the movie yourself. Find out the whole story and enjoy it.



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