Villains Who Became Heroes In The Marvel Universe!

People redeem themselves and that’s a sign of them wanting to be better and changing their previous habits. Marvel villains are no strangers to ” a change of heart” in order to get some good redemption for the fans.

There are some villains who became heroes and even continued to be the same and in fact gained more popularity after joining the good side. Here are few of them!

1. Hawkeye

Marvel Comics

For those who have just watched the MCU Hawkeye, it would be a surprise to know that Hawkeye actually made a debut as a villain the Marvel Comics “Tales of Suspense #57”. He was back then inspired by Iron Man to become a vigilante, but however, Black Widow manipulated him and he went against Iron Man. After which he decided to set things straight and try to become the hero he dreamed of. He offered his help to the Avengers and then went on to become one of them. And finally Marvel Studios has come out with his series (on Disney+)

2. Deadpool

Marvel Comics

Most of us know Deadpool as the adorable (at times) and hilarious anti hero, but before that, his first appearance in the comics, The New Mutants #98, he was hired as an assassin to attack the team of teen superheroes.

But then when Joe Kelly decided to take over the character and start the solo series, Deadpool developed his personality, which has now been a hit thanks to the amazing portrayal of the anti hero by Ryan Reynolds on the big screen. And who doesn’t love Deadpool’s humour and savage comments?

3. Venom

Marvel Comics

Venom, of course started off as Spider-Man’s villain but the fans enjoyed him so much that his popularity grew way more than the creators expected. As a result, he started having his own comic book series. After a point, Eddie Brock developed an individual more code that leaned on the good side.

Venom stopped being a villain but never become a complete hero. He ended up being an anti hero and fans are happy to see him get his own recognition that he deserves.

4. Black Widow

Marvel Comics
Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow had her Russian roots and back in 1960s, USA was on a Cold War and Soviet Union was taken advantage of the same. So it was not a surprise when she was introduced as a villain. She debuted in Tales of Suspense #52 and was portrayed as a KGGB agent.

She was shown as Iron Man’s rival. She even turned Hawkeye against Iron Man and the Avengers. Later she became a SHIELD agent and even an Avenger.

5.  Scarlet Witch

Marvel Comics
Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch or Wanda Maximoff initially debuted in Marvel Comics as Evil Mutants in X-Men #4, and served as the rivals to Jean Grey. Magneto had saved Wanda and her brother as a result, they were indebted to him and had to do what he said. But when Magneto was abducted by a cosmic entity, Wanda left “Brotherhood of Mutants” and went on to join the Avengers.

Wanda has been a consistent member of the Avengers and even has had her own MCU’s show WandaVision on Disney+ which was received extremely well by the audiences. Wanda’s next MUC adventure is going to be alongside Doctor Strange in ” Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

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