Viral Fan Edit Puts Rocky Soundtrack on Historic UFC Win of Leon Edwards Over Black Panther Star Kamaru Usman As He Puts Former Champion to Sleep

Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman faced off again at UFC 278 and this time the outcome was different. Leon Edwards went on to end the unbeaten streak of Black Panther star. The former UFC welterweight champion finally has a loss on his record since he joined UFC. Last Saturday, Usman lost to Edwards in round 5 when the latter landed a stunning head kick against the Champ and took his title.

Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman
Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman

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The Legendary Fight between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman

The fight in itself between Rocky and Usman was nothing short of surprises, to say the least. It does not happen in every sport that players can dominate their opponent throughout the match and then lose at the last minute. In an extremely climatic fight, Rocky was about to lose in less than a minute by decision had it not been for that knockout kick. The kick that changed the lives of both the competitors forever.

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Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman
Rocky knocked out Usman by a last minute head kick.

Many big names in the sports world congratulated Rocky for pulling off the greatest upsets in UFC history. Amid celebrations by fans and UFC enthusiasts, an edit of the fight’s highlights made it to Twitter and went viral. A fan made an edit with the Edwards’ coach talking to him and overlayed the Rocky Theme song with it.

Chamatkar Sandhu shared the Legendary edit on his Twitter

The famous Social Media producer Chamatkar Sandhu shared the edit on his Twitter and the fans went wild.

The edit is ‘Chef’s Kiss‘ indeed. Fans reacted to it wholeheartedly and it was welcomed by the community quite well.

Some fans are well, just hooked to it.

The speech by Leon Edwards’ coach was enough to send chills down everyone’s spines.

Half of the world is still in shock that this has actually happened and well that is understandable indeed.


Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman
Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman is reportedly in ‘Good Spirits‘ after the match and looking for a trilogy with Rocky.

Source: Twitter

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