Viral ‘Zendaya’ Video Takes Internet By Storm: Is She Being Thrashed

A video showing a lady getting violently beaten up by a man whose face is hidden went viral on the Internet over the weekend. On Sunday, May 29, the new video was released, and it made quite a commotion because many people assumed the woman in the clip was Hollywood actress Zendaya. The video’s context is unknown, as is who was involved, but many on Twitter wondered if the woman who bears a similar resemblance to the ‘Euphoria’ star was indeed her. People speculated on social media that the 25-year-old actress was involved in a brawl, while others considered it odd that people only worried if it was Zendaya.

Is That Woman Zendaya?


According to a video posted by TMZ, a woman sits on the ground while a tall man in a hoodie throws a few rapid punches to the face of a woman who appears to be Zendaya. The woman continues to sit on the ground, attempting to evade the attack, and is kicked by an unidentified male. Despite the fact that the woman appears to be Zendaya, it is most likely someone else. If you look closely at the video, you’ll notice that the woman is also wearing an ankle band, which has gotten a lot of attention on the internet.

What Did People Say Regarding The Viral Zendaya Video On Twitter

Viral Video


Users on social media filled Twitter with their reactions, with one person stating, “People are truly desensitized. That girl getting beat up is not funny & thinking its Zendaya is also not funny. Y’all need help.” Another chimed in, “A girl is getting beat up but we don’t care about that we just wanna know if it’s Zendaya or not.” The next one asserted, “Whether it’s Zendaya or not, why the f**k are y’all laughing at a woman getting beat up? that’s f**king weird.”

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