Wanda and Vision have led MCU’s Phase 4 to a successful opening. The first three episodes have set up the future beautifully. But, WandaVision won’t just tell us about the future of these two characters in the MCU. It will also explore the past. We’re going to find out what happened to Vision’s Vibranium corpse. And the series will also dig deeper into Wanda and Pietro’s origins from Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Speaking of Age of Ultron, Paul Bettany has revealed a funny little detail about the makings of Vision. We all know that he is a Synthezoid who became sentient because of the Mind Stone. But, did you know that director Joss Whedon almost added human genitalia upon Vision’s body? On the latest Lights, Camera, Pod Podcast, Paul Bettany spoke about Vision’s on-screen birth. He revealed how Joss Whedon was super adamant to add a penis on Vision. The actor said:

“I know that Joss Whedon apparently really, really wanted the rendition of him, when Vision first is born, before he was clothed, he was like ‘He’s gotta have a penis.’ And everyone – Kevin (Feige) and Lewis, I mean everybody was like ‘I don’t know, Joss…I mean…I’m not sure…,’… ‘HE HAS TO HAVE A PENIS, I WANT TO SEE SOME DRAWINGS OF PENISES!'”

Thankfully for us, Whedon understood that he was wrong and the idea was immediately dropped. Bettany continued:

“So they actually, somewhere is the rendition of Vision’s birth with these penises and they put them all up on the wall, and then they went in, and they sat down, and Joss went…’Yeah, I’m 100% wrong. I don’t need to see any of these.'”

Lights, Camera, Pod Podcast video


Well, the MCU and all the fans clearly dodged a bullet here. Nobody would have wanted to see Vision’s private parts. We can’t even imagine how Whedon would have inserted a pecker in a PG-13 movie. Doctor Manhattan was letting it hang in Zack Snyder’s R-Rated Watchmen. And every one of us could agree that the blue ding-dong was extremely distracting! It’s understandable that Marvel still strives for realism in all of their sci-fi and magical narratives. But, adding Vision’s private parts would have been a big risk.



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