Vought’s History & Timeline Explained Via Solider Boy In Amazon’s The Boys

Eric Kripke, who is the Boys showrunner previews what’s ahead in the third season of The Boys, which includes the introduction of the Payback team and also, an exploration into Vought’s history over the past – something yet to be explored by the series. It has been more than a year since Amazon released season two of its superhero show The Boys, which is a satire on the life of superheroes and has now made fans eager for more news on the third season. Where the second season left us off, the titular Boys went their own ways after the unfortunate death of Becca Butcher, played by Shantel VanSanten and Stormfront’s (played by Aya Cash) huge defeat, which ends in her demise. Hughie, portrayed by Jack Quaid got a new job alongside Congresswoman Victoria Neuman but as the last few moments of season two revealed, Neuman is actually the supe that is responsible for the various head explosions. To sum it up short, Hughie might be in some grave trouble in the upcoming third season.

The Boys Season 3 Will Be Bigger Than Ever

The Boys Season 3 doesn't have a release date yet
The Boys Season 3 doesn’t have a release date yet

By all means, it looks like the third season of The Boys will be bigger than what we have seen until now. Not only will it feature the raunchy Herogasm satire from the comics, it’ll also be diving deep into the history of America as it exists within the show’s universe. Fans will also be treated by coming across some superheroes, created way before the Seven, for instance, the patriotic Soldier Boy played by Supernatural star Jensen Ackles. The comics saw Soldier Boy as a member of a team called Payback, that was assembled to take on Nazi Germany.

However, Solider Boy will not be the only one from Payback appearing in the third season. As per Kripke, this is the reason for the excitement of many fans. While speaking to the Illuminerdi, previewing the exciting things on their way to the series, much more will be revealed about Vought’s history.

Season 3 Will Dive Deep Into Vought’s History

Vought International In The Boys Season 3
Vought International In The Boys Season 3

The second season arc of The Boys dug into Vought’s history with Stormfront and now, the third season has more boundaries to push and furthermore revelations to make. While Vought has its ties dating back to World War II, but we are certain that it must have taken the company a considerable time to grow as the corporation it is today. Payback is among the first superhero teams in The Boys, and it will be different to see how their way of functioning differs from the Seven’s. The Seven still reigns as the Supreme team, but they didn’t just appear from anywhere. Their success is built on the shoulders of Payback.

The Boys began with an interesting take and twist on the superhero world but has managed to build its own history that can be termed as a rival to DC or MCU, but there’s still so much left to explore with The Boys and right now, we aren’t including the college-set spin-off.

There’s no release date on the third season of The Boys yet.

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