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In the margins of the scene of Avengers: Infinity War climactic final battle, a lot goes on. Thanos finally got the opening only after the moment the three different threads in the movie converged. For Thanos, it could have been even tricky if the things happened as per the Art of Avengers: Endgame visual guidebook. There are concept art images, in the pages of that book. These images show some advanced upgrades available for Wakandan forces. Updates like robotic animal companions and powered armour suits would be open to some of the soldiers. There is a sizeable mechanized cheetah in the guidebook, pretty dope right.

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Avengers: Endgame

Faust De Martini, a concept artist made these creations. He tells, his inspiration for the art is from African nativity and to humanize the giant stomping technology.

Black Panther 2 faces Challenges 

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black panther

The challenges to par the first part remains for the Black Panther 2. The loose threads from the Black Panther and Endgame are to be tied by this Sequel.

In an interview with MTV International, Boseman updates his expectations. Firstly, he hopes to maintain the foundation the previous part set. Secondly, the Sequel has to build upon it. The movie should be like exploring while expanding the culture.

The Russo Brothers, Avengers: Endgame directors also commented regarding this. They think the Black Panther 2 should maintain the foundation. As we know, culture and world were built, let’s hope this movie will make sure it keeps that place.

Black Panther 2; A Massive Undertaking

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 Ryan Coogler himself admitted the pressure this movie gives. To maintain the standards of the film that grossed 1.34 billion dollars at the world box office is undoubtedly an arduous task, for instance.

This actor never did a sequel before, and he confirms that he is just trying to focus on the work to make it a hit.

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