WandaVision: 10 Mutants Who Would Have Done A Better Job Than Fietro

That Bohner reveal was an utter joke. Marvel gave us hope and then took it away in a split second. There are many other mutants who would’ve done a better job than the controversial Fietro.


In the X-Men animated universe, Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch actually had a thing. Both cared deeply for each other despite being on opposing sides. Nightcrawler was already a very popular character in the comic books. After he made his live action appearance in the second X-Men movie, his fame sky-rocketed. Given WandaVision’s wacky beginning, everything seemed possible. It’s not like the residents of Westview would have been voluntarily able to object a tall, humanoid, blue-skinned teleporting mutant with a prehensile tail walking in their midst. Nightcralwer could have also added in that comic factor that Fietro added early on in the series.


Illyana Rasputin was kidnapped by the Demon Belasco when she was a kid. She also happens to be the brother of Colossus, And hence, a carrier of the X-Gene. After years of remaining under captivity, Magik broke free and defeated her captor. She became the ruler of the demonic realm of Limbo. Wanda Maximoff has recently been outed as the Scarlet Witch. Magik is certainly a witch powerful enough to feel her presence across dimensions. Magik and her soul-Sword would have made for a good popcorn flick as well. It is a real shame we tell ya!!

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While we do have the Skrulls in the MCU, the best shape-shifter that Marvel Comic Books have to offer is still Mystique. Her signature blue skin and Goddess like figure have entranced viewers since decades. She is also a super villain at times, choosing the worst of sides to work for. From the Hellfire Club to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Mystique has been a part of the worst of mutant scum. She could have easily been sent to Westview to investigate the Hex. The mutant could have changed her appearance to the Evan peters’ version of Pietro. Her entry would have confirmed the pre-existence of the Mutant-Kind within the MCU.

Franklin Richards

You may have come across the term of a Nexus Being. That term started popping up everywhere after the infamous Nexus ad in episode 7. Nexus Beings are entities capable of harnessing the purest pf primordial energies. They can use it to re=shape reality to their will. In the comics, the means to achieve such power could be through either magic, cosmic energy manipulation, or simply possession of enhanced time travel technology. The most powerful Nexus Being in Marvel Comics’ recorded history is Franklin Richards. Like Scarlet Witch, he too is also a reality-warping mutant. The only difference is he is way stronger. A young Franklin Richards meeting Scarlet Witch for the first time in WandaVision would have opened many doors for the MCU’s future.

Professor X

There is just one person who is capable of entering the Hex even without stepping inside. And that legend is none other than Professor X. The primary benefactor of and mentor to the X-Men, Charles Xavier has the universe’s most powerful mind. His telepathy can cross not just a magical barrier but also entire planes of existences and universes. Had Charles Xavier or his illusions made an appearance in WandaVision, things would have been so different. Professor X, like Franklin Richards, would have meant an impossible ocean of opportunities.


Kitty Pryde is one of the most underrated mutant heroes in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Not even the live action X-Men movies could do the character justice. When Scarlet Witch created the Hex, she ensured no person ever could infiltrate her little make believe utopia. If there was ever a person capable of phasing into the Hex without a scratch, it would have been Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat. Her powers allow her to be intangible. This makes her a master infiltrator. SWORD could have recruited her as an operative and then sent her into the Hex to do their bidding. Or maybe it was Professor X who tasked her with rescuing Wanda.


The X-Men’s cleverest tactician is a born leader. He has been leading the group since time immemorial. Cylcops is more than just a guy with laser shooting eyes. He is a very well-trained fighter and strategist. To top it off, he also recruits mutants with potential into the X-Men on occasion. The moment he heard of Wanda Maximoff and the Maximoff Anomaly, he could have made his way into the Hex and tried to recruit Wanda, telling her that her powers make her a valuable asset for the ‘organization’ he works for.

Omega Sentinel

In the MCU, SWORD stands for sentient weapons Observation and Response division. There was an ongoing theory a while ago that there is a particular reason SWORD’s full form was changed for the MCU. The “W” in Sword was changed from World to Weapons because it was the key to unleashing the X-Men. The sentient Weapons in question were actually Sentinels, a secret SWORD weapons program designed to contain superhuman threats. Karima Shapandar is a special kind of Sentinel. In the comic books, she is the Omega Sentinel – a human-sentinel hybrid sleeper cell. She is blessed with various superhuman abilities. Imagine SWORD letting her loose inside the HEX in search of Wanda. We would have seen some incredible action sequences.


Who better to tame the Scarlet Witch than her father himself? Granted Magneto is no longer the father of the Maximoff Twins in the comic books, but the popularity factor still holds. Magneto, just like Charles Xavier, would have come looking for Wanda after hearing about the Hex in Westview. To be honest, we would have been fine with Sir Ian McKellen or Michael Fassbender’s version of Magneto. There could have been so many parallels that could have been drawn with the X-Men universe.

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Last but not the least, we have Deadpool. Let’s not forget WandaVision started as a sitcom. By the time the show transitioned from the Fifties to the modern era, the element of humor became increasingly metaphysical. There was a frequent breaking of the fourth wall. Who is the best at breaking the fourth wall and directly talking to the audience in the Marvel Comic book Universe? Wade Wilson aka Deadpool would have been a gamble so to speak. but he would have been a gamble worth the risk. Ryan Reynolds and Elizabeth Olsen in the same frame?!?! We would have been losing it entirely!!

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