WandaVision: 10 Theories Which Suggest There’s Another Big Bad Besides Agnes

The popular show WandaVision finally revealed its big bad in the form of Agatha Harkness. Or so it seems. Agatha has been behind the scenes in Westview when it comes to Wanda and Vision, though she may not have schemed them. Evidence suggests that a more substantial force is there working in Westview.

A lot of evidence in the series points towards another culprit, and Agatha’s own comic book history is at odds with her portrayal in the show so far. Moreover, when it comes to MCU things are never what they seem, but considering all the facts, there is more going on with Agatha than has been said.

Agatha isn’t a Villain in Comics.


In the history of comics, Agatha is described as a mentor and friend of Wanda; she is the one who taught magical abilities to Wanda. In case of Wanda’s children,when Billy and Tommy were revealed to be magical constructs;  she removed memory to lessen her grief. So she may not be the villain.


  • She doesn’t have the power to control Wanda


It seems like Agatha is quite powerful, but she cannot control Wanda. In the series, she attempts to get Wanda first to conceive and raise the kids, but she cannot manipulate Wanda immediately, so this is the sign that she can’t control the powerful Wanda.  


  • Billy can see through her.


The children of Wandavision are also incredibly powerful.  They also have magical abilities like their mother. Agatha was left surprised when Billy said that he likes the quietness of the house. As Agatha is also a calm person, it indicates the ability of Billy that he can see through her.


  • Senor Scratchy


There is a probability that Nicholas Scratch could be a villain, as Agatha’s son in the comics. Quicksilver’s unusual presence at Agne’s house and her pet named Senor Scratchy are both signs of his involvement as a villain. In Fantastic Four, he was a magician and villain. So speculations are that he could be a villain.

  • The Book


Agatha has a weird book in her basement. This book is one of the most straightforward pieces of proof that she is not in the constraint of Westview. This hefty book is mysterious because it glows with dreadful orange energy, opposite to the purple point attached with her magic. This weird and creepy book is also an obvious sign that someone else is also involved in the further storyline.

  • The Iconography in the Basement.

A lot of bizarre things are happening in the basement of Agatha, which are indeed able to raise suspense and also add in the interest of the fans. One of those is iconography on the pillars and walls of the basement.   It looks like, once more, the specific Marvel Villain Mephisto may be making an impression.

  • Where is Dottie


  In the Wandavision series, Not just Agatha, Dottie is also a magical character in the Westview, oddly noticeable for various episodes.  In episode 7, she made a blinking cameo when Monica and Wanda quarreled in front of the garden. As Dottie could have an association in the comic books Squadron Supreme, there is possible that she could be the main villain in the Westview, arranging occasions “for the children ” as shown in episode two, the children are in one under the influence of Agatha.


  • The Nexus Being

Agatha had a connection with a  Marvel villain named Lore.  Wanda, as the Nexus Being. The Nexus beings are living points for all realities and dimensions, and only one can live in each cosmos. Agatha had struggled with the nexus being to protect Wanda. It means that Agatha is there to support Wanda against an enormous force.

  • The Cicada


In the final minutes of “Breaking The Fourth Wall,” one of the most dreadful Easter eggs appears in Agne’s Home. A lone cicada comes up on the blinds in her living room. Even though it doesn’t have any connection with Agne but surely with the Mephisto. The demon-like character Mephisto was first seen in the appearance of a fly. Though cicada and a fly are different insects, both are under doubt as per the proofs.

  • Ralph.

 Ralph is the husband of Agne. She speaks about him many times, but no one has watched him. So it may be possible that she is lying about Ralph being her husband. Ralph could also be the main culprit in the whole undertaking of Wandavision.


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