WandaVision Highlighted A Stan Lee Reference That We Fans Might Have Missed

“You Took Everything From Me.” – Wanda

WandaVision is drawing nearer and nearer to the current regarding the sitcoms it’s replicating, with “Breaking the Fourth Wall” including Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff pretty much like Julie Bowen playing Present day Family’s Claire Dunphy.
There was a great deal going on in this scene, to the point that fans may have barely noticed some little Easter eggs.
At the point when characters are straightforwardly tending to the camera, showing superpowers, or potentially uncovering themselves to be a miscreant from the start, little subtleties can fall through, which might be the situation with regards to a Stan Lee reference in the initial credits.

The Marvel legend was known for making appearances through the Wonder Artistic Universe, beginning with Iron Man in 2008 right through to Vindicators: Endgame in 2019, which debuted after Lee died in 2018.
He even turned up on Wonder’s Representatives of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter on A.B.C.
While Lee’s passing implies that he will not show up in any more MCU projects, WandaVision found an unpretentious method to reference the Marvel legend in the initial credits of Wanda’s sitcom of the week.
The credits were only shots of different things, including a VHS tape, a cake, a road sign, and — above all — a tag with a specific arrangement of numbers on it. Take a look!

That is not merely an arbitrary series of numbers on the WANDA license plate, and not because it appears to be that nothing is genuinely irregular on WandaVision regardless of whether the clarification ends up being wild.
“122822” can be separated to “12/28/22,” or December 28, 1922. Those numbers reference back to Stan Lee’s birthday.
The Marvel Comics writer and editor was 95 years of age at the hour of his demise in 2018.
Individuals from the Wonder family have set aside the effort to recollect him since he died.
Now WandaVision respected Lee with an Easter egg.

The license plate noded to Stan Lee was an extraordinary method to reference the man without whom the cutting edge MCU wouldn’t exist in my book.
It wasn’t diverting from WandaVision at a point in the season when fans genuinely need to center, and it wasn’t bold to Lee.
For falcon looked at fans on their first watch, it needed to come as an extraordinary astonishment. It’s an excellent disclosure for the individuals who didn’t get it immediately after it previously seemed like the scene must be out of stunners.
Considering the cliffhanger uncover that Agnes is Agatha Harkness and Agatha have planned something for the twins.
We think whatever helps take a break until next Friday is welcome to most MCU fans!

Easter eggs like Stan’s birthday on a license plate are additionally liable to be the solitary sorts of references to the Wonder legend that watchers can anticipate.
Marvel Studios Executive Vice President Victoria Alonso said back in 2019 that Stan Lee isn’t replaceable, and there will be no more Stan Lee appearances.
In any case, fans can generally expect more gestures.
The impending WandaVision finale doesn’t imply that the MCU will run out of substance once more.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier debuts in Spring to follow WandaVision, with Loki coming after that in May.
What’s to come is splendid for the MCU, regardless of whether that future will probably stay on the tiny screen for years to go fundamentally.
For some MCU activity, make certain to look at WandaVision just as other Marvel contributions streaming now on Disney+.


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