WandaVision: Marvel Releases The Entire Sokovian Lullaby Tune

In the most recent episode of WandaVision titled “Now in Color,” Wanda is faced with the death of her twin brother Pietro by the inexplicable Geraldine, a moment highlighted by a short lullaby sung to her newborn twins.

Although the song is in the made-up Sokovian language, it has been closely translated into English with subtitles that emerge only with Portuguese captions.

Even though fans have been able to get the rough translation, the song’s true meaning remains mysterious.

From Scarlet Witch’s Heart With Love

From Scarlet Witch's Heart With Love
Wanda singing lullaby to her sons in episode 3 of “WandaVison” .

An article published on Marvel.com reveals the translated lyrics to Wanda’s lullaby and the song’s title, “Sokovian Lullaby”. The song went through numerous iterations by the series’s language coach Courtney Young.

The lyrics are as follows:

We’ve been waiting for you.
‘tie mi t͡ʃaˈjaɫəm
Now you are here
ˈʃiɪdeŋ ˈti e ˈʃte
More perfect than I imagined
ˈdrage wo t͡sto ˈmisliɫəm
Our house is now home (our house is now a nest)
ˈdom naʃ ˈʃiɪdeŋ ˈgnieʒdo
No matter where you go
bez veˈdeɪ̆ doˈkude ˈjit͡ʃiʃ
Sunlight shines on you
ˈʃiʒa ˈsunt͡so nad tiˈe

The showrunner of the series Jac Schaeffer also revealed why these lyrics were selected, stating that they displayed an intimate, genuine feeling.

“It’s not regarding the bigger mystery of the show. At that moment ,It appeared as a sincere version of a TV sitcom theme song, like a original heartfelt one in her native language. The last part about the sunshine…This is cheesy but I’m going to tell you, there was a song in my prenatal fitness class that was very woo-woo; that [last line references] the longtime sun that we would sing [about]. It was my first baby and I would sing it to him, so that’s just a little thing for my own kid.”

Wanda and her Sons Heartfelt Moment

Wanda and her Sons Heartfelt Moment
Showrunner Jac Schaeffer speaks out on Wanda’s heartfelt moment with her sons.

As showrunner Jac Schaeffer points out, this moment in the show works as a personal, heartfelt attachment to the show, not adding to the many layers of references to the unseen world of Westview or the bigger Marvel universe. It gives a very comfortable, intimate feeling to the scene, focusing on the characters’ emotions.

Marvel’s choice of releasing lyrics also exhibits knowledge of the fans’ excitement in the show’s tiniest details.

Even as most WandaVision refers to moments in the MCU or elements of Wanda’s history in the comics, it’s good to view the show pull the front off rather than something more personal. Although the Easter egg trail in WandaVision has proved exciting for fans to follow, the show is still the strongest as it covers a new track.


Source : THEDIRECT , Marvel.com

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