WandaVision Might Have Already Teased How Vision Will Survive Beyond The Series

WandaVision Episode 3, “Now in Colour” has opened up the series to all sorts of possibilities. It gave us a vague idea of what’s going on while keeping other mysteries intact. It extended the story by bringing in the twins, referring to Pietro, and involving SWORD at the very end. Now talking about the SWORD ending with Geraldine/Monica Rambeau, it has teased a major element of Phase 4’s elaborate plot. We might have got a clue as to how Vision will survive throughout Phase 4 and beyond.

WandaVision is yet to reveal how Wanda brought Vision back to life. We still have questions about Wanda’s pocket reality in Westview. Looking at Westview from outside the bubble, we can clearly see that a house is visible. So, it seems that Westview is a real town in the MCU, and when Wanda wondered into it, she warped its reality and formed a protection bubble around it. People can see what it was, but they cannot really see what’s happening in there.

The whole Suburban lifestyle idea has been picked from Tom King’s infamous comic book run on Vision. But in the MCU, Wanda could have set up a Suburban life in Westview after being inspired by the sitcoms that she used to watch. And her reality-warping could have led to Vision’s revival. So far, we’ve been presuming that Vision may not survive outside of Wanda’s bubble. Once the bubble is popped, Wanda’s dream reality might come crashing down. And, it could take Vision with it. But we’ve just got major evidence that this won’t be the case.

When Wanda told Geraldine (Teyonah Parris) about her long-lost brother, she replied that she already knew about Pietro’s death at the hands of Ultron. Since nobody in Westview was supposed to know about that (except Vision), Wanda was ticked off. Then she saw Geraldine’s SWORD locket and it all made sense to her. She didn’t wait for a second before launching her out of Westview.

In the meanwhile, Herb was trying to tell Vision about Geraldine. He and Agnes mentioned that Geraldine was not from Westview. She’s an outsider. Then Herb said, “She came here because we’re all…” He was literally stuck on “We’re All.” It’s clear that he was about to reveal Westview’s secret and Agnes stopped him in the nick of time. But what was he trying to say? Was he saying, “she came here because we’re all… trapped?” That would certainly make sense because everyone in Westview has some sort of cognition about what’s going on. They are in a spell, and it’s obvious that they are not in there by their own free will. What’s worse is that people are subconsciously aware of it, but they are helpless.

Monica Rambeau somehow slipped into Westview in order to rescue Wanda and others. But she was cast under the same spell as other Westview dwellers. When Wanda tossed her out of Westview, she landed in the same clothes that she was wearing in the Sitcom bubble. So, it’s clear that whatever is happening inside the bubble is happening for real. The reality is constantly changing in there. Vision is really back and he is not just present in Wanda’s head. The twins, Tommy and Billy are real. And whatever changes are happening will affect the real world. So, if Vision were to walk out of Westview, then he might still exist unless someone like Thanos kills him again!

This analogy is not completely proven yet. But, since Monica’s get-up did not revert to what it was before she entered Westview, we can take it as conclusive evidence that Vision won’t turn back into a lifeless Vibranium corpse either. He’d live and might have a big future beyond Phase 4. But this begs us to ask another question. If Vision lives, does that mean that the Mind Stone will also remain intact? I mean it has to, right? But let’s leave this query to be solved later on.

WandaVision returns this Friday with its fourth episode.



Vansh Mehra
Vansh Mehra

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