WandaVision Reveals Real Reason Behind Captain Marvel’s Visceral Rage Against Thanos In Endgame

When carol Danvers first came to Earth after the events of Infinity War, she was visibly distressed at all the chaos. She knew Thanos was to blame and wanted to help the Avengers exact revenge on the Mad Titan. When the Avengers met a wounded Farmer Thanos in a distant planet, Thor was quick to behead the villain. Captain Marvel’s anger was barely visible back then. But 5 years later, during the Battle of Earth, Captain Marvel came back with a vengeance. The rage on her face was clearly visible. She was indeed angry. But why did it take 5 years for Captain Marvel’s fuse to short? WandaVision finally gives us a back story as to what really went behind the scenes.

Captain Marvel Was Angry Because The Thanos Snap Took Away Greatest Ally (No, It’s Not Nick Fury)

Who do you think is Captain Marvel’s staunchest ally? Was it Nick Fury? Or Goose the Flerken Cat? Or was it someone we haven’t seen in the MCU in a while? The greatest friend and confidante of Carol Danvers was someone far closer to home. She was the one friend Danvers could always count on way before she got superpowers. We are talking about Maria Rambeau, Carol’s best friend and an air force test pilot.

WandaVision happens after the events of Endgame. There we see Monica Rambeau, return to SWORD, an organization her mother Maria started. When the Thanos Snap happened in Infinity War, it was Monica who got dusted away. Her mother was undergoing cancer treatment at the time. When Monica returned back after the Hulk Snap in Endgame, five years had passed by. Her mother was already dead. Maria Rambeau died a very lonely death, surrounded by no one. Not even Captain Marvel was around to see her off before Maria breathed her last. That is probably why Monica does not feel comfortable when someone mentions Captain Marvel. Danvers was not around when Maria needed her the most.

The Thanos Snap did not kill Maria per se. But it gave her a fate worse than death. To die alone in an empty room is probably a fate worse than death itself. Maria was a kindred soul and Monica was not around to see her mother off into the afterlife. When Carol Danvers met Thanos in the Battle of Earth, as per her knowledge, both Monica and Maria, the two people that are the closest thing to a family for Carol, are no more. So when Captain Marvel meets Thanos five years later, things are no longer business. It’s totally personal.

Captain Marvel knew her friend Maria did not deserve the end she met with. And Thanos had a huge role to play. It is probably eating her inside that she was not able to be there for either Maria or Monica when they needed her the most. For Captain Marvel, it is a rather mixed bag of emotions. She is angry at Thanos not just because of what he did but also because of what she herself couldn’t do. The way in which her friend suffered is probably what pushed Captain Marvel over the edge, hence the insurmountable rage.

Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

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