Many might have already thought of this scenario. SWORD, as it turns out, is not the benevolent organization we thought it was. Led by an evil man with nefarious motifs, SWORD is being set up as a primary or secondary antagonist for the series. WandaVision has given the Marvel Cinematic Universe to flesh out some established characters while paving the way for newer ones. One of the many elements that were newly introduced to the MCU via WandaVision were Monica Rambeau and SWORD. And through that, an entirely new can of worms opened up, setting the stage for the return of a well-known but underused MCU super villain – Ultron.

If you have seen the latest episode of WandaVision, you will know what we mean. SWORD had deemed the 3 Billion dollars worth of a vibranium carcass that was once the Avenger known as Vision, a liability if left unchecked. Their plan was to dismantle his body and dispose off of him, so that the greatest sentient weapon the world has ever seen does not fall into the wrong hands. In reality, SWORD was merely using that as an excuse to experiment on Vision’s body. The experiments on Vision eventually led to the body being assembled together and give rise to the White Vision. Many fans theorize that the White Vision is how Ultron, the super villain from 2015’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron, returns to the centerfold.

Why It Makes Sense

Ultron played a key role in the creation of Vision and the transition of Scarlet Witch into an Avenger. He has been mentioned numerous times in WandaVision already. There is also the fact that Vision’s origin stories were explored in Episode 7 of the series but Ultron’s name was subtly left out. We believe there is more to it than what meets the eye. James Spader, who voiced the evil A.I in Age Of Ultron, is not a part of WandaVision. But considering so many major plot elements of the show have a close connection with the villain, Ultron’s re-emergence looks imminent.

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There are a lot of forces at play here. For now, WandaVision is all about magic. Agatha Harkness has shown us her true colors. She is a witch and a powerful one at that. But the show is not going to be all about magic. Last we checked, the show was not just about Wanda Maximoff. it’s titled WandaVision for a reason. It will give us a detailed continuation of not just one but two superheroes. we believe Vision’s origins will also be explored in detail just like Wanda’s were. add to that, there is also the incompetent leadership of Tyler Hayward, leader of SWORD and the man-in-charge of the White Vision experiment. And if that is the case, despite the window being too short, there is a slight possibility Ultron might be returning in full force.

SWORD Is The Real Enemy

They started out as the good guys. Now we know they are far from being the ones they are impersonating. SWORD has no, as of yet, connections to Nick Fury. He was taken out in the Thanos snap and this organization was created in his absence. So of course there is a difference in leadership and vision for the new organization tasked with protecting Earth’s interests from cosmic and extra-dimensional threats. It did not take long for Tyler Hayward to reveal his actual view on superheroes – he believes them to be the real threat and would do anything to contain one he perceives has gone rogue.

Tyler Hayward ordered a missile strike on WandaVision, a completely uncalled for move to deal with a grieving woman who once literally helped save the universe. Hayward hid critical information from Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis, and Jimmy Woo. he never divulged the secret that the Vision inside the Hex was created by Wanda herself. The actual Vibranium corpse was still in SWORD’s possession. Slowly and steadily, SWORD is showing its nefarious sides.

SWORD’s True Purpose Is Creating Sentient Weapons, Not Observing Them

In the comic books, SWORD stands for Sentient World Observation and Response Division. Within WandaVision, that acronym was changed to sentient Weapons Observation and Response Division. In the MCU, SWORD’s job is to observe and monitor sentient weapons. Since the Thanos Snap, that objective has changed significantly. When Monica Rambeau and Nick Fury were not around, SWORD started not only observing sentient weapons but also acquiring and creating their own. A theory suggested that SWORD would one day create a group of sentient weapons known as the sentinels, mutant hunting robots and enemies of the X-Men.

Little did we know that the actual sentient weapon they were experimenting upon was Vision itself. SWORD intends to recreate the experiment that crated vision through their top secret project – Project Cataract. SWORD always intended to bring Vision back from the dead but under their control. But what if in doing so, they were merely bringing the worst version of him online.

Enter Ultron

That is a scary proposition. But it just might be where the series is headed. Vision has in his matrix, aspects of Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Jarvis, as well as the Mind Stone buried deep inside. It has already been hinted in Infinity War that Vision could theoretically live without the Mind Stone. But we forget one thing. SWORD might be trying to get back Vision online without the Mind Stone. But they are clearly in way over their heads.

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Ultron’s consciousness did not fully transfer into Vision during Age of Ultron. parts of Ultron’s code could still be lurking inside vision’s neural matrix. Until and unless SWORD knows exactly what it is doing (which we don’t think it does), they are playing with forces they do not understand. Even the most fragmented of codes from the Ultron Matrix could infect White vision and turn SWORD’s sentient robot into the newest vessel for the super villain.

Of course there is also another possibility. SWORD might have never been interested in bringing back Vision. They might also possibly looking for a way to bring back Ultron itself from the dead. Ultron’s original purpose was to protect the planet, acting as Earth’s Shield against comic threats. Maybe the White Vision was always meant to be Ultron, which SWORD thinks they could tame with their resources. Either way, the MCU could be in for one hell of a surprise.

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