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War Machine Asks Captain America A Very Intriguing Question In Endgame Deleted Scene


Avengers: Endgame is a movie which is just chock full of references which fans are still busy unravelling even months after the release of the movie. But along with such references, there have also been some instances in the movie which has confused fans a lot. One of which is a question which War Machine asked Captain America.

This question which War Machine asks Captain America has been bothering fans a lot because its essentially a plot hole which doesn’t make sense. So let’s check out what it is.

War Machine’s Question To Captain America About The Plane Crash

Could Captain America have jumped out of the plane in The First Avenger? Pic courtesy:
Could Captain America have jumped out of the plane in The First Avenger? Pic courtesy:

It’s understandable that with more than 20 interconnected movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have a number of plot holes. Most of these will likely remain unsolved but some seem like they were created just for laughs or fan service. One of these definitely seems to be War Machine’s deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame.

The deleted Avengers: Endgame showed Rhodey a.k.a War Machine and Steve Rogers trying to pinpoint key moments from the past to go back to. They were trying to get the Infinity Stones before Thanos did. There Rhodey asks Steve about the Tesseract, he says it was at the bottom of the ocean after he crashed the planei n order to neutralize the bombs on board. Rhodey then asks- Why didn’t Captain America jump out of the plane?

Why Captain America Couldn’t Have Jumped Out Of The Plane?

Looks like jumping out of the plane wasn't an option for Captain America. Pic courtesy:
Looks like jumping out of the plane wasn’t an option for Captain America. Pic courtesy:

Let’s analyze Rhodey’s question- As seen in Captain America: Winter Soldier, Captain America is fully capable of jumping out of a plane and into the water. But jumping out of a stable plane is completely different from, jumping out of one falling down at full speed. Let’s hypothesize: Even if he would have ran to the exit as fast as possible and jumped, he wouldn’t have survived. So he was better off crashing the plane in the water and turning into “Capsicle”

But that’s not all, jumping out of the plane would have changed the trajectory of the plane as well. This would have heightened the risk of it crashing somewhere else and making Captain America’s efforts absolutely useless. Viewers will also remember that the plane didn’t just have the Tesseract on board but also some bombs. It was the combination of these things which made him decide that crashing the plane in the water was the best option. It certainly saved a lot of lives in the process. Of course it must also be mentioned that staying in the plane was also a plot detail simply so that he could be frozen for decades and then go on to join the Avengers.

Overall, we must say that leaving this little scene out of the movie was for the best. It didn’t bring anything to an already packed movie and it would have created more unnecessary confusion.

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