Warner Bros. Are Going To Sell Looney Tune NFTs

So far, this has been a massive year for Warner Bros. which recently underwent a huge merger with Discovery. While Warner Bros. is allegedly frustrated with a few of their deals, they are still the owners of the rights to many franchises like DC.

One of the classic titles that are associated with Warner Bros. is the fan-favorite Looney Tunes, the animated show that has been around since as early as 1930. As per an all-new report from The Hollywood Reporter, the franchise will get treatment by turning them into NFTs.

Warner Bros. Working With NFT platform Nifty

Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes

Warner Bros. is now working alongside the NFT platform Nifty’s on the brand new project, “Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?” They are expected to go on sale this summer with Tweety being the first for sale in honor of the character’s 80th birthday. Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian are also set to be a part of the deal.

“We think that blockchain and NFTs and web3, in general, is going to be a great evolution in entertainment,” Josh Hackbarth, head of NFT Commercial Development for Warner Bros., explained. “It doesn’t need to be really deep, deep storytelling, it is about gags and gimmicks and really recognizable characters, so it was a fun one to dig into.” He added,  “Looney Tunes is not afraid to make fun of itself, or the broader pop culture as a whole … It will be a bit tongue in cheek with how we are playing with blockchain technology, but what is more exciting is that we can use that to bring people into a new space to play.”

Nifty’s CEO Jeff Marsilio also opened up on the project

Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes has been around since the 1930s

“There are lots of NFT projects, but there are only one Looney Tunes, so if we do it right and respect the IP, and respect the existing community, I think there is a large fandom to it,” Nifty’s CEO Jeff Marsilio shared, adding that “when you own one of these avatars, that is sort of your membership in this community.”

“When you mint an NFT, you mint a community,” Marsilio added. “The key to value in the NFT space comes from this idea of community… A community where not only are you being social, but you are getting new opportunities to experience the IP that you love, and you are bring rewarded for that participation.”

Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes

“It’s more about, what are you buying into as a fan? And how is that different than what I could find on YouTube or somewhere else” Hackbarth described. “We are crafting a story that will only be told through this program, so for each subsequent drop, and activity that we do with the program, there’s an overarching story component that ties it all together. It is really about keeping people engaged along the way.”


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