Amy Adams ( or as we can say Amy Lou Adams) is the most popular American actress.

She has been playing a significant role in the DC universe. Last she was seen portraying Lois Lane in Man of Steel, Justice League and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Amy Adams seems still hopeful. 

Amy Adams: Shown playing a major character in DC
Amy Adams: Shown playing a major character in DC

As one of the very first characters to have worked with DCEUAmy Adams says she would still love to reprise her role in the upcoming movies.

The actress debuted the role of Lois Lane (in Zack Snyder’s) Man of Steel, which got a release worldwide in the year 2013. The movie was a blockbuster, and she later got to play the iconic character in DC’s Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which got released in the year 2016.

The fate of DC’s Universe 

Justice League 2( 2017): Last of the superman show.

After 2016, Amy Adams got a chance to play the same character in the Justice League, which released in the year 2017.

The poor box office performance due to rewriting and editing of scripts, re-shootings, switching of directors at the last moment, led the DC universe to have a course-correction.

As Adam’s character is quite closely related to the Last Son of Krypton, her future roles in the DC universe seems unclear.

DC appears to move in a different direction

No upcoming DC movies for Amy Adams.

In 2018 news broke that Henry Cavill is out of DCEU, and there was no negotiation of a contract between Warner Bros. and DCEU. Nobody revealed what was happening behind the scenes.

Later on, Cavill came forward to clear that he will be the next DCEU’s Superman, but as of now, there were no future projects in the franchise.

However, Amy Adams revealed that she would be open to playing Lois Lane, but she is not holding out hope for that to happen anytime soon. According to her, the (DC) studio seems to be moving in a different direction than her understanding.

There are seemingly bleak chances of another Superman-featured ( because of both Man of Steel 2 and Justice League 2) as they are missing from Warner Bros’ DC slate. Of course, this doesn’t mean fans won’t see Superman and his central characters back on the big screen. Hopes should be held high( in all circumstances).


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