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WarnerMedia Reveals Details About Their Investigation After Ray Fisher’s Allegations

Ray Fisher and WarnerMedia have been a part of a long-drawn investigation since mid-late 2020. It all started with Fisher’s tweet against Joss Whedon. He raised his voice against everything he and other cast and crew members faced during the reshoots of Justice League under Geoff Johns, Joss Whedon and Jon Berg. Recently, The Wrap reported how Ray Fisher won’t return as Cyborg in The Flash. This report by Umberto Gonzalez called for a reply from Fisher, who claimed that the information in the article was inaccurate. He tweeted:

This isn’t all. Fisher continued:

To conclude, he stated:

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But after Fisher’s tweets, Umberto Gonzalez tweeted WarnerMedia’s official statement, which revealed the details of the investigation they conducted:

Sitting at our homes, we cannot know who’s right and who’s wrong. Fisher has been able to do wonders by raising his voice. But even if he’s a hundred percent right about everything, it is highly likely that he won’t win this battle, going up against a major conglomerate alone. Warner Bros. recently extended their deal with Walter Hamada to 2023. He will be overseeing all the DC movies until then. Fisher has already claimed that he will not be working with Hamada. So, we shouldn’t expect Cyborg to show up in any of the future DC films after Zack Snyder’s Justice League


Although, it will be interesting to see what Fisher does if Zack Snyder’s Justice League II gets green lit in the future. For now, Snyder does not have any plans to do more DC movies after HBO Max’s Director’s cut of Justice League. But, if this project turns out to be a major success, then there is a chance for Justice League 2 and/or 3 to follow up.

Honestly, we’d like to see Warner Bros. and WarnerMedia resolve things wish Fisher. But it is also important for justice to prevail. So, let’s wait and see what the future holds.

Vansh Mehra

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