Was Loki Aware About Avengers’ Time Heist In 2012?

Marvel recently released the first episode of Loki (series) on Disney+ on Wednesday and it has already made people going gaga from making theories to finding Easter eggs or memes, there is no stone left untouched and it is clearly visible from all the attention the series has been getting and for all the right reasons.

Now the series revealed that Loki actually knew about the Avengers’ time heist for all this time.
Of course the questions we had during the end of the Endgame are finally answered about what happens with Loki who disappeared in the movie.
The series made sure to pick up from the same point and Loki ended up in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. There, he is further arrested by the Time Variance Authority an agency who is charged to look after the sacred timeline.

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Despite of being in the most difficult situation, he still has some tricks to use.

Despite of having a very confident image in MCU, in TVA the God Of Mischief starts questioning everything.

After getting caught by the TVA, Loki is put under a lot of process just like a legal process would take place in real life; signing forms, changing his clothes, and they even make him acknowledge things he has said.
Later he has to go under a trial in front of Judge Ravonna Renslayer aka Gugu Mbatha- Raw.

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And whenever anything involves Loki, things do not go as people plan it.

Loki of course pleads not guilty to the crimes against the Sacred Timeline and blames it on the Avengers.
How could he know about the time heist in the Endgame which happened after his death?
He tells Judge Renslayer that he ended up with the Tesseract only because Avengers’ decided to time travel.
He even went on further saying “you should arrest them”
When the Judge states Loki is making an accusation he says “you can smell the cologne of two Tony Starks”.
His plan does not work as the judge doesn’t seem to be bothered by the adventures of the Avengers.
However this is an important scene because it makes clear that Loki knew that there were more than one Tony Stark.

Loki doesn’t know why they pulled off this but he thinks the Avengers were time jumping because they wanted to stop him from becoming a God King.

This could possible change the way how audiences would look at the Avenger’s time travel trip to 2021 in the Endgame, but this wouldn’t be a new thing for Marvel.

Marvel always talks about the details in every project they make.
Every small moment can get addressed and be connected to several other films or series.

And if he was aware about the time travelling, are there more characters who knew about it too?

Waiting for Wednesdays has never been more exciting.

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