‘Watching Madonna going senile in real time’: Fans Troll 64 Year Old Music Icon After She Debuts ‘Chucky’ Inspired Bleached Eyebrow Look To Stay Relevant

Something seems to have gone off with Madonna lately and her fans are dumbstruck. The singer, well over in her 60s now, is seemingly trying by hook or by crook to remain relevant in the contemporary scenario. In the latest feat, the Material Girl singer has gone ginger grunge and it doesn’t look like anyone has really taken to this latest avatar. In this new transformation, Madonna had bleached her eyebrows and dyed her hair red, and donned a black corset, black jeans, and loads of diamond jewelry. Not to forget, the new ‘redhead’ had tied her hair tightly into four plaits.

Madonna shocks fans with a scary lip-sync video

Madonna compared to Chucky after latest video
Madonna’s new look has her fans scared

The latest video shared by Madonna showed her acting deliberately angry, and the fans felt positively scared. The 64-year-old mimed in a seemingly irate fashion to the Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem number, Vent.

The Frozen singer lip-synced to the lyrics, “Have you ever been punched in your motherf****** face? What you say? Oh, you haven’t? All right, wait, b****.”

Her followers were pretty confused as to what could possibly be the point of all this spectacle.

A person commented: “This is just awful! What happened to the real Madonna, the one that you can actually look at and say wow you are beautiful and talented!”

While another ventured a question: “What happened to you?”

The singer was equated to a scary doll by another: “She looks like Chucky what is going on?”

Twitter was abuzz with its own fair share of trolling.

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Madonna*Chucky: A Twitter Saga years in the making

Bride of Chucky is considered a lookalike of Madonna
Madonna, is that you?

Fans took to Twitter to share their surprise regarding the ‘Queen of Pop’s latest look.


Apparently, the Madonna-Chucky analogy is not a recent update. Fans have been talking about how the musical sensation looked like the titular character in 1998’s Bride of Chucky for over a decade now.

And now the singer has seemingly transitioned, in the matter of looks, from the bride to Chucky itself.

However, this is not the first time that the Crazy For You singer has made social media go berserk with her unusual activities.

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Madonna fans have nothing but questions

Madonna's Tiktok comes out gay
Madonna’s looks keep shocking her fans

Last month, Madonna tried rocking another look that ended up being an epic fail. The Papa Don’t Preach singer got pink streaks on her blonde hair and ditched her eyebrows, either by bleaching them or shaving them off and donning a pair of shades. In addition, she also flaunted her hands – the sharp nails on them and the jewelry.  While the effect that the singer desired is unclear, it clearly wasn’t much appreciated by her followers, who likened her image to that of infamous heavy metal rock star Marilyn Manson. The post got comments like, “Marilyn Manson vibes.”

So far, the most surprising contemporary Madonna moment is still her twisted coming out on TikTok that had fans gasping for answers, while others claimed it was just an attempt to remain relevant.

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Source: The Sun

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