“Watching this was f—king crazy”: Ryan Reynolds Finally Gets Support From Blake Lively After ‘Deadpool’ Actor Nearly Destroyed Perfect Marriage By Buying Wrexham AFC For $2.5M Without Consulting Wife

Back in 2020, Ryan Reynolds made a hasty purchase when he decided to purchase half of the Welsh football club Wrexham A.F.C. His wife, Blake Lively, did not like discovering that her husband had purchased an entire soccer team without her consent. 

Blake Lively and Deadpool Actor Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively and Deadpool Actor Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool actor revealed about buying Wrexham A.F.C. in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this month, where the actor and his Welcome to Wrexham co-star Rob McElhenney recalled the incident. After this news, the Deadpool actor said that his wife’s reaction was “not good.”

In the beginning, Blake Lively was mad when her husband purchased a Welsh soccer team without consulting her, but now she seems obsessed with it. So let’s find out what drives Blake Lively to support Ryan Reynolds!

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Ryan Reynolds Gets Support From Wife Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds on Jimmy Kimmel Live show
Ryan Reynolds on Jimmy Kimmel Live

During Wrexham A.F.C.’s match at London’s Wembley Stadium on Welcome to Wrexham, Blake Lively was there to cheer on Ryan Reynolds‘ team. Reynolds’ side spotted The Shallows actress during the Oct. 12 episode of Welcome to Wrexham.

In the video, Blake Lively is seen hanging out with her husband, Reynolds, in the stands at London’s Wembley Stadium. At the same time, he cheers on Wrexham A.F.C. Gossip Girl actress wore a black dress with a cherry print and a gold necklace in the event, and she was pumped up for the game and shouts, “Whoo!” next to Reynolds while they clapped as the match kicked off.

Although rarely seen in public, James, 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3, also joined Reynolds for an admittedly special occasion.

In the episode, Deadpool actor described how special it was to watch the game with Blake Lively by his side in such an iconic venue, explaining, “For me and my family, watching this up there was f–king crazy.”

However, they could not take home a victory at the Wembley match. Nevertheless, after cheering their team together, we can assume that Blake Lively understands Reynolds’ love of soccer and is doing her best to give him great companionship for his decision; their relationship is progressing very well.

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Ryan Reynolds & Rob Mcelhenney Bought Wrexham

Ryan Reynolds & Rob Mcelhenney
Rob Mcelhenney and Ryan Reynolds

Despite playing snarky, sarcastic characters on screen, Reynolds has a reputation for being one of Hollywood’s most likable actors, contributing to his success.

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Reynolds and his Welcome to Wrexham co-star Rob McElhenney remembered a recent purchase that landed Reynolds in trouble.

The two actors became friends after Reynolds slid into McElhenney’s D.M.s and decided to buy part of Wales’s Wrexham A.F.C. football team — Without consulting his wife about the transaction.

The decision has since become a passion project for them, and they even made a docuseries about it titled Welcome to Wrexham. After purchasing shares of the team, they said in a joint statement, “It is a special day for the two of us to become the latest stewards in the long and storied history of Wrexham A.F.C.”

They added,

“Together with the players, the staff, the fans, and the local community; we can now pursue our goal to grow the team and return it to the EFL in front of increased attendances and an improved stadium, while making a positive difference to the wider community in Wrexham.”

In February 2021, the duo completed the club’s takeover, and a brilliant thread explains why they bought it. Entrepreneur and investor Joe Pompliano have looked at the impact their acquisition of Wrexham has had on the club.

The Deadpool actor feels good about buying into the third-oldest professional football club in the world and called McElhenney “the best businesses partner.”

In a meeting with Wrexham fans, the duo promised to invest $2.5M in the club’s players and facilities & signed a 25-year stadium lease in Wrexham so fans knew they wouldn’t move the team. Wrexham fans welcomed them with open arms as a result of their proposal.

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