Adapting an amazingly well-written story from a novel or a comicbook to a screen is not an easy thing. Most often these stories need to be cut or edited to create a striking balance when putting together. But the reality is all the stories are adaptable if the approach is correct. This theory has been proved correct by HBO’s Watchmen and The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

Watchmen and Crisis, two comic stories brought to screen.

HBO and The CW took two ‘unadaptable’ comic stories to the screen

During the end of the year 2019, both HBO and The CW took two comic book stories that people used to believe were not adaptable enough to be brought to a screen with Watchmen and “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Turns out that when these two comic book stories were brought out on a screen, they received tremendous love from the fans. When it comes to “Watchmen”, there are a number of nuances to the story that are core to the tale. For “Crisis”, it is considered to be having a tale with several moving parts.

Both the comic stories have turned into big success on screen.

Watchmen and Crisis, both received immense love from fans

Considering that both these comic stories were known to be ‘unadaptable’, still HBO and The CW, both accomplished this daunting task into a success. Both of them received an amazing response from the viewers from all over the world. HBO and The CW had the same approach of looking at the narratives of Watchmen and Crisis, not as one from the comic stories, but more as a human story that had the potential to be expressed in huge, visual scale, an excellent move which permitted them to stretch the constraints of pen and ink on the page.


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