WB CEO Says That Matrix 5 Will Happen If Lana Wachowski Wants It

WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff confirms about Matrix 5:

A Still Of Ann Sarnoff
Ann Sarnoff has been named the chair and CEO of Warner Bros

WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff confirmed that The Matrix 5 will be made as long as co-writer/director Lana Wachowski wants to. The sci-fi action franchise is currently preparing for its long-awaited return with The Matrix Resurrections, which takes place 20 years after the events of its predecessor and follows Thomas A. Anderson as he lives an ordinary life in San Francisco while being medicated with blue pills by his therapist. However, shortly after meeting Trinity, whom he no longer recognizes, Anderson is reunited with Morpheus, who gives him the red pill and a chance to reawaken his mind to The Matrix’s truth.

Lana Wachowski, the original co-writer/director, returns:

A Still Of Keanu Reeves and Lana Wachowski
A Still Of Keanu Reeves and Lana Wachowski

Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Lambert Wilson star in The Matrix Resurrections, which sees the return of original co-writer/director Lana Wachowski. In addition to Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Morpheus, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Christina Ricci, the film boasts an ensemble cast of series newbies. With the film taking well over 20 years to get off the ground, the future of The Matrix series is mostly uncertain, but those hoping for more may still have hope.

 Ann Sarnoff’s Interview With Deadline:

Deadline Hollywood The online News Site
Deadline Hollywood The online News Site

As the year comes to a close, Ann Sarnoff spoke with Deadline about the studio’s simultaneous HBO Max and theatrical release approach, as well as how it affects future plans for previously released and forthcoming films. When asked if The Matrix 5 could get off the ground following its HBO Max premiere, Sarnoff made a point of noting that the picture is the last of its kind and expressed faith in its writer/director. See what Sarnoff had to say about it below:

“Anytime Lana (Wachowski) wants to make a movie, we’re all in.”

The Matrix Resurrections’ First announcement:

A Still Of Keanu Reeves From The Matrix Resurrections
A Still Of Keanu Reeves From The Matrix Resurrections

Many sources portrayed The Matrix Resurrections as a planned relaunch of the series when it was initially revealed, but no genuine sequel plans have been published or discussed by anyone associated with the film. The narrative of the film is still largely unknown, with the studio’s official description even claiming that the original Matrix sequels are no longer regarded canon, despite images from the first teaser showing continuity with such films. With the film’s secrets still being held close to the vest a few months before its premiere, it’s reasonable that the creatives and studio behind it would resist going into too much detail regarding follow-up plans.

Will There Be A Matrix 5?

A Still Of Keanu Reeves
Is Matrix 5 Gonna Happen With Keanu Reeves Starring As Lead Role

It should come as no surprise to fans that the studio is absolutely open to The Matrix 5 coming to life if Lana Wachowski wants to make it. Putting their faith in the filmmaker rather than solely on the film’s viewership performance, the studio’s confidence is sure to instill hope in audiences that a fifth film could be made and that the studio is willing to put the same level of support behind Denis Villeneuve’s desired Dune sequel after its premiere this month. Only time will tell what the future holds for the sci-fi franchise when The Matrix Resurrections is released in cinemas and on HBO Max on December 18.

The Matrix Resurrections - Matrix 4
The Matrix Resurrections – Matrix 4

So, according to this news, will the Fifth Matrix occur? Well, according to us, we think that the Matrix should happen with our beloved Keanu Reeves as the main lead. So what do you guys think? Do let us know in the comments down below. Till then, we’ll see you in the next post, guys, but don’t forget to keep reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for learning more about the entertainment industry, new movies and TV series, celebrity gossip, and so much more. We’ve got your back on all fronts. Continue reading Animated Times for more.

Source: Deadline

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