WB to recommence shooting for Arrowverse in mid-August

WB to recommence shooting for Arrowverse
WB to recommence shooting for Arrowverse in mid-August

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many production houses had closed down their projects, which led to a mini shutdown. With the ease in restriction, few of them are deliberately looking forward to resuming their enterprises with strict protocols & safety guidelines.

CBS was the first production team to restart again with The Bold and The Beautiful in the last month. Warner Bros is also planning to start filming in Vancouver tentatively from August 20- August 27, the majority of them are produced by Berlanti production team, which includes Arrowverse’s, The FlashSuperman, and Lois.

 Several casting & crew members received emails from the production house regarding the resumption of the operation for the year 2020-21.

 According to the British Columbia, all the actors must follow 14 days of strict isolation before the performance to ensure the safety of all the members on and off as violation of COVID-19 rules result is known to everyone.

The confirmation is still pending from the Screen Actors Guild(SAG) without which the shows can’t operate, but both the associations are working closely and about to get a verdict soon.

It would be a tough challenge for each and everyone in the team. Especially one can’t stop thinking about the actors, but we have to get acclimatized with the COVID-19 condition.

Hollywood released a list of detailed guidelines which states that it must and should be implemented on the sets without any failure.

The actors have posted in their social media accounts about their return to the sets, and the fans are quite excited about it. For the time being, I can wish for the good health of the actors and a safe scenario for filming. In the upcoming days, we may hope to see more movie and Television resuming their services.

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