“We cried for hours, I couldn’t breathe”: Kaley Cuoco Hated Jim Parsons for Destroying Big Bang Theory’s Legacy With His Abrupt Exit, Couldn’t Even Look Him in the Eye

Calling The Big Bang Theory a popular sitcom is considered an understatement by the critics of the show, although fans have a completely different take on it. When the sitcom aired for the first time, 18 million viewers from around the world tuned in, making it one of the most-watched shows on American television. Although the show’s writing and directing was never nominated, fans simply don’t seem to care. The Big Bang Theory fans like to keep it critic-proof and consider it the most-watched sitcom on an international level. 

The Big Bang Theory became the most-watched show on American television

As the geek culture of The Big Bang Theory becomes mainstream, people start celebrating brainy and intellectuality. Along with that, even the cast members of the show started enjoying fame. However, the main cast of the show, Jim Parsons playing Sheldon seemed to have some trouble with the role and performance. 

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The subculture was becoming mainstream when chaos happened

The highly anticipated sitcom has no complex story arcs or cliffhangers and is therefore easy to relate with. Despite the full-blown success of the series, little did the fans know about the controversies happening behind the scenes. During the 12th and final season of The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons dropped the bombshell decision of leaving the show. Kaley Cuoco playing the role of Penny Hofstadter had the toughest reaction to Jim’s decision and had a hard time accepting it. 

The chaos behind the scenes of The Big Bang Theory

Cuoco recalled the moment of complete shock and shared “Jim said, ‘I don’t think I can continue on,’”. Cuoco stated that she had been crying for hours upon hearing the news, “I mean, we cried for hours that day. We thought we were going to do another year, so all of a sudden your life kind of flashes before your eyes.”

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The abrupt exit by Jim Parsons made Kaley Cuoco hate him

Kaley Cuoco got so carried away by her emotions that she almost didn’t show up the next day, for she knew working alongside Jim Parsons for the last time would be difficult. “Kaley could barely make eye contact with Jim during the run-through, but they got through it,” shared Steve Molaro, the showrunner. 

Kaley Cuoco had a difficult time accepting Jim Parsons’ decision

Cuoco wasn’t the only cast member who was upset with Parsons’ decision, there were several others from the set of The Big Bang Theory who felt blindsided that Parsons didn’t give any prior warnings. Although in Jim’s defense, he needed a moment of clarity and said “I was done myself, I think. I didn’t really know how to serve the character or the great writing anymore.” 

Thankfully, things went back to normal quite soon and the showrunner Steve Molaro admitted that Cuoco and Parsons went back to their usual selves and stayed friends irrespective of the dispute. 

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