‘We don’t know what she’s like in private’: Shakira Branded Amber Heard 2.0 as Fans Claim Pique Shouldn’t Be Judged Too Quickly Like Heard Forced Us To for Johnny Depp

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) singer Shakira and former Barcelona star Gerard Pique recently ended their 12-year-long relationship. And this definitely was one of the most recent celebrity splits recently. This has made their fans react quickly to the news of their breakup, making Pique the ‘bad guy’ in the eyes of the public. Shakira, who is best known for her song Hips Don’t Lie, described the breakup as “incredibly difficult” in the Elle Digital cover story. She also revealed her anguish in a mysterious post on social media after the New Year. Her allegations against Pique have made her fans displeased with him, to put it mildly. Apparently, having an affair with Clara Chia caused the famous footballer and Shakira to break up. Following the breakup of Shakira and Pique, the former footballer faced a lot of backlash. 


However, some are now questioning whether he is solely to blame. According to a recent Marca report, some online commenters are now speculating that Shakira may not have been entirely blameless in the split after seeing how their kids chose to move in with their mother over their father.

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Some even made a comparison between Shakira and Amber Heard. 

Netizens’ bizarre comparison between Amber Heard and Shakira after her split 

Was Shakira truly that innocent? Gerard Pique and Shakira split after 12 years, and the fallout from their split will continue into 2023 as people start to wonder whether Pique was truly at fault. Internet users responded after Chia Clara’s joyful photos with former footballer Gerard Pique’s parents surfaced online. Many questioned whether Shakira was truly innocent. One user went so far as to compare Shakira to Amber Heard, who was just charged with assault alongside Johnny Depp in a case that received a lot of media attention.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué
Shakira and Gerard Piqué

“Friends, I am going to give my opinion… we all love Shakira, but nobody knows how she is in private, we don’t know what happened,” one user wrote in the comments section. “I don’t know, but we have to be objective, look what happened with Johnny Depp.” 

“We were all horrified when that narrative ended”, another social media user said.

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Ex-Boyfriend Gerard Pique Gets Sympathised By Netizens!

It has long been claimed that the reason the famous singer and the former footballer broke up was that he started dating Clara Chia. According to a Page Six article, Shakira found out that Gerard Pique had cheated on her after watching a Zoom footage that featured him with Clara ChiaHowever, some online users are now speculating that Shakira may not be entirely blameless in the divorce that forced Milan and Sasha (their kids) to move in with their mother in Miami rather than staying with their father in Barcelona. Given that neither Pique nor Shakira has been implicated in any allegations of abuse against each other, using Amber Heard as a comparison seems excessive.

Shakira and Gerard with their kids
Shakira and Gerard with their kids

Hence, it would be unfair to compare Shakira to Amber Heard given that the couple was not the subject of any domestic violence claims.

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Source: MARCA

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