We have found out who killed Jericho

The new season of the show ‘Titans’ that is based on DC universe has given us our answer to the question of who killed Jericho. The show has brought back Deathstroke. He is back to punish all the heroes especially Dick for their shared history. We have seen in the trailer Rose (Deathstroke’s daughter) saying that her brother has been killed whereas Slade Wilson blames the Titans.

The death of Jericho:


The death of Jericho
‘Jericho’ flashback episode.

In the latest episode, viewers have seen Dick admitting to Jason Todd that he killed Jericho. Though it is spelt out for us who the killer is it isn’t as simple as we see it. This week’s episode ‘Jericho’ is a flashback episode and we find out how Jericho died. The Titans use Jericho to avenge Aqualad; in the quest, they realize that Jericho has a kind soul. Jericho helps them with his powers wherein he sends his consciousness to Dick and urges him to come to the Titans. The Titans wanted to help Jericho with his own quest and they realized that they targeted him only because of his ties to Deathstroke, his father. Jericho has made friends with Robin, Wonder Girl, and Hawk & Dove and he joins the team.

Robin’s hand at killing Jericho:

Robin’s hand at killing Jericho
Robin betrays Jericho


Deathstroke wants to have a relationship with his son and asks him to meet privately at a church. This is the same church where Deathstroke lures Robin (Dick Grayson) in the present time. Jericho wanting to avoid any violence asks the leader of the Titans (Dick) permission to meet him. Though Dick agrees, he secretly follows Jericho. When Jericho talks to his father Robin emerges and picks a fight with Deathstroke. Jericho’s feels betrayed and watches helplessly from the sidelines while Robin is outmatched.

When Deathstroke is ready to deliver the fatal blow, Jericho leaps in and stands in front of his friend and saves him. Technically Deathstroke killed Jericho but in reality, it was Robin’s lack of trust that killed Jericho.


Titan’s reactions and Rose’s actions will be shown in the next episode. All-new episodes of Titans are available on Fridays on DC Universe streaming device.

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