We Know Why The Incredible Hulk Is Trending On Twitter, The Reason Will…Confuse You

Something weird just happened on Twitter. For no real rhyme or reason, The Incredible Hulk began trending. It made people ask questions but no one really had an answer. Except us. So buckle up is you wanna know the reason. Also fair warning, you are going to roll your eyes at the reason.

Maybe we should make you a little bit more angry and tell you about all the DC characters who can beat Hulk’s ass:

Why Was Incredible Hulk Trending On Twitter?

No, nothing happened to Mark Ruffalo or Lou Ferrigno. Both are fine. Pic courtesy: timesofindia.com
No, nothing happened to Mark Ruffalo or Lou Ferrigno. Both are fine. Pic courtesy: timesofindia.com

The Incredible Hulk trend came due to a viral post asking viewers of a certain age what results did the mixture of liquors Hyponiq and Hennessy show. Turns out that if you mix the two liquids together then you get a murky green beverage that will knock you out. Boondocks fans will remember an extended riff about the concoction during season two of the show’s run. That mixture was termed by one user as “The Incredible Hulk” and that’s the source of the trend.

So yeah. Did you roll your eyes? Were you disappointed? Yes? No? Well anyways, just wanted to inform you all that Mark Ruffalo and Lou Ferrigno are fine. Oh and there’s no new announcement about a new Hulk project. So you all can go back to doing your thing.

If you want, then check out the post below:


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Hulk VFX Shenanigans 

Endgame VFX tech talks about how they got Hulk's look. Pic courtesy: polygon.com
Endgame VFX tech talks about how they got Hulk’s look. Pic courtesy: polygon.com

As for hulk, he has been in the news lately too, especially Smart Hulk, who according to Robert Downey Jr. challenged Marvel’s creative team a lot. After all, Endgame was a big enough movie to keep people talking for months. The VFX supervisor on the film had this to say about bringing the green monster to life last year:

“We’d actually done a test before both movies had started. They were working on Thor: Ragnarok with Mark down in Australia and we wanted some motion capture footage of him. So on their motion capture day, the Russo’s got on the phone with Mark and Taika [Waititi] and they said, well this is kind of what we’re looking for. It’s basically Banner in an over-size Hulk body and so they just kind of riffed on this crazy idea and Mark was just kind of ad-libbing, trying to type on a computer keyboard and he can’t because his fingers are too big and so he gets angry and kicks over a table and knocks it over.”

Well, that seems like Hulk alright. If only they has kept that final fight scene between Hulk and Thanos, what a movie it would have been. Sigh.

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(Source: comicbook.com and mcucosmicnews.com)

Ishita Chatterjee
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