I love you 3000

A line which is rolling all over the social media. Only Marvel Fans can understand the notability and importance of that line which has influenced them beyond limits. For ordinary people, 3000 is just a mere number but for Marvel fans, it is something exceptionally eminent.

Iron Man Against Thanos


With the growing popularity of ‘Endgame’ in its people, Marvel quotes are growing trendy. The love Marvel fans have for their favourite Cinematic Universe is unhidden. Marvel has genuinely become an addiction( probably the best one). With that, the whole social media is flooded with immense Marvel memes, quotes and excerpts. Where ‘I LOVE YOU 3000’ still remains on the top. This particular statement of Tony Stark, which he said to his daughter has not only made them eminently emotional but has left a profound effect on their mind.

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I love you 3000

This phrase is something more than it shows.

This line was first said by Tony Stark when e was putting his little daughter Morgan Stark to bed after challengingly defeating the time travel problem. It is later when the audience understands the true elucidation of the phase which leaves them nothing but overly emotional. The audience remained motionless and steady when they saw Tony’s pre-recorded message portraying ‘I love you 3000’ to his daughter. A ton contains 2000 pounds, and Tony’s love for his daughter was a lot more than just a ton. This hologram was shown to Morgan after Tony sacrificed his life to save the world by using the infinity stones.

Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame

No one could have neglected the line

Later it was unveiled by a report of  Chinese outlet Watching Hollywood that Robert has himself told the director Anthony Russo that the phase has a direct connection to his real life, which made the line even more dramatic. Robert told Anthony and his brother that one of his children used that line on him. And on hearing that iconic like Anthony didn’t waste a second shooting it. And we all know the result ;).


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Fans had something else in mind!

But this is not it! Fans had their different mathematical calculations. They anticipated that ‘3000’ has something more to it with a further deeper meaning. They counted all run-time of all the movies released till date. And the sum came out to be ‘3000’. According to some of the fans, 3000 symbolises the total run time of all the marvel movies.

Tony Stark in space

Here is the trailer of Avengers: Endgame-

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