‘We sincerely apologize for any offense’: After Losing Hundreds of Millions in Brand Value, Balenciaga Tries Wooing Kim Kardashian Back With $25M Lawsuit

Balenciaga might have crossed a line with its recent ad campaign. The fashion giant finds itself in the midst of a storm because of its ill-advised ad campaign, which features children with teddy bears wearing BDSM props. It is never a wise call to take kids for the purpose of selling your products unless you practice discretion. Balenciaga found it out the hard way. No wonder it had to adopt serious measures in order to exculpate itself. And it did.

In news for all the wrong reasons

Balenciaga's new advertisements receives hate
The ad campaign which started it all

Balenciaga finds itself in the doldrums because of two separate, and highly objectionable ad campaigns. One controversy is about the spring 2023 campaign, which has raised quite a storm because a Supreme Court ruling about child p*rnography was part of the ad.

The second ad, which has attracted way more criticism involves kids. Their choice to promote their product by using kids as an instrument seems to have gotten them landed in deep trouble. In the picture, the children could be seen holding teddy bears in bondage outfits.

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Balenciaga filed a $25 million lawsuit

Balenciaga filed a lawsuit worth $25 million against the production company.

In the aftermath of both these ads, the hate coming their way is real. They are being cornered left, right and center. The value of their shares is on the decline. There seemed to be no way out.

With all doors closed, there was only one way out for them – file a lawsuit against the production company responsible for the much-maligned ad campaign. To obtain a clean chit from fans and the community at large, Balenciaga has filed a $25 million lawsuit.

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Balenciaga had to drop charges under increasing pressure

Kim Kardashian promoting Balenciaga
Balenciaga dropped the suit to not lose Kim K’s support

Balenciaga sued production outfit North Six and set designer Nicholas Des Jardins after the fiasco. But the parties were quick to deny their liability. Representatives for both parties argued that they could not be held liable. Much to Balenciaga’s chagrin, the parties also found support from their celeb collaborators, which includes Kim Kardashian.

Facing criticism over its poor judgment and lack of oversight, it had no option but to drop the lawsuit. That is the cost they had to pay for winning Kim Kardashian’s support because they understand the importance of having the backing of celebrities of her stature amid these tumultuous times for the company.

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Source: Page Six

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